Swiss champion with "no" risk?

Hi there and happy new year to everyone !

I’m looking for the best way to invest my amount of money from selling my house in France.
Are there any champions in Switzerland to invest on with a very measured risk and about 5% performance a year ?
It’s a big amount of cash and dont want to let this money on a bank account with no performance.

Thanks in advance.

With no risk you can get 1-2% currently, not more.

Keeping in a bank account or similar might be a good idea until you decide what your investment horizon/risk profile/etc. is.

(5% in Switzerland will require large amount of equity investment and corresponding risk/volatility, eg +/- 20% in a year would be pretty normal)


Since real estate is very high here (and maybe too high for us), this sum will be for my 2 kids if we can’t manage to buy a house. We are currently in Lausanne…
Therefore, this money should “work” for them.

So what about companies like Zurich, Nestlé or Novartis, … ?

In this case, I think a Value ETF would do the trick, given that it focuses mainly on defensive stocks.

Alternatively, a CHSPI-type index could be an alternative. This way you tick the diversification and security boxes (in my opinion).

You’d need an ETF that would try to track this index, but I haven’t found one :

Interesting to note that such a fund is available via finpension for 3a :slightly_smiling_face:.

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What could be a good one in your own opinion ?
I have an IBKR account for me where I apply DCA strategy each month with VT.

Why not keep using VT? If you’re happy with the risk profile.

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Yes, but not sure to be strong enough :fearful: to put this amount in one shot…

Why interesting ? I have indeed a 3A pillar with FinPension.
More interesting than with IBKR ?

There is also a retail version of that index fund: CSIF (CH) Equity Switzerland Minimum Volatility Blue (CH0334161509). It has a TER of 0.29%, though. You can buy it e.g. at Swissquote.

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Why does OP need low volatility?


Then DCA it in over 1-2 years

First and foremost, I don’t think you should confuse investment with 3rd pillar investment.

I said interesting because I see that finpension really does have a wide range of funds. I haven’t studied their offer in detail, but I’m pleased to see that their range of funds is very broad and diversified.

Anyway, I’m sorry my comment could have been misinterpreted/misunderstood.