Swiss Bogleheads Local Chapter

The 10th international Bogleheads chapter has recently been established in Switzerland. While being two different schools, Mustachians and Bogleheads have some common features (passive diversified investing at core) and J. Bogle was himself rather frugal!

For the opening virtual and free event on November 25, Andreas Zingg, Head of of Vanguard Switzerland will make a presentation (around 30 minutes) and be available for any questions from participants. As this could be an interesting opportunity for some of you to get first-hand information and ask questions directly, anyone interested is welcome to join.

For organizational purpose (exact time and dial-in details will follow shortly), please just register by email to in case of interest.

All the best


Thanks for the information and long life to the swiss Bogleheads chapter!

Is the event open to non-Bogleheads? While I have much respect for the wisdom of the Bogleheads, I wouldn’t consider myself as really adhering to their tenets… Getting to hear live from Andreas Zingg would be an awesome opportunity, though. Unless there’s a transcript that is planned to be released afterwards?

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Thanks for your words of encouragement and yes, this event is also open for non-Bogleheads with an interest in the topic.
Some form of transcript would be a great idea. We would need some permission from the contributors to share some elements of it though, especially in case of written material distribution.

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Sounds great, thanks for organizing!

Hi, thank you very much for organizing this.

I will attend the event and will register to

All the best

Thank you for joining this enjoyable presentation full of wisdom. Some people who could not participate asked for a transcript that you will find under Bogleheads’ Local Chapter launched in Switzerland) (with French translation)


Thanks for that and for organizing the event. What are the next steps for the Swiss Bogleheads Chapter? Swiss people are generaly afraid of stocks and vocal FIRE people seem to be fond of very agressive allocations, I think there’s room for people with a boring approach to investing focused on risk assessments and staying the course that could get regular people to trust investing more and act as a beacon when we’ll find out our real risk tolerance when an enduring crash shows up.

Are you planning on setting a local online scene and/or events or is the bunch of the activity of the chapter planned to happen on


Call me boring too then :slight_smile:


So am I, at least for 90% of my investment activities.

To answer Wolverine’s question, the plan is to keep the local Chapter low tech, at least in the beginning. Events are announced on the dedicated forum thread Swiss Bogleheads Local Chapter and reference material will be available on the Wiki. It is also possible to register to receive an alert when something new happens.

Many thanks already to the first volunteers for their generosity in sharing their time and expertise.