Swiss bank accounts for non-residents

I’m considering leaving Switzerland in a few months (still resident here for now) and will need to keep a swiss bank account after I emigrate for some time, maybe several years. I will still have a local postal address with a friend, if that matters.

What would be a good bank to open account with, which allows non-residents and yet doesn’t charge a fortune to keep a banking relationship with them? It could be a brokerage account, as long as I can still send/receive CHF payments with it.

So far I’ve checked:

  • PostFinance: allows non-residents but will charge 25 Fr/month, that’s a bit too high
  • Neon: only open to swiss residents. Will they close the account after I move abroad?
  • Swissquote: seems to allow non-residents. Didn’t find info on non-resident fees, is it really free?

Anyone know other interesting deals?

Just keep the local postal address and make sure you don’t get any physical post. They won’t ever find out that way :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a chance when they do eventually find out, that they would slap me with backdated fees.

Did you take a look into CA-Nextbank?

Thanks, it looks interesting and better than PostFinance! Although requires maintaining 20k minimum balance, else 15 CHF/month.

I also left Switzerland some years ago, when PostFinance figured it out (I made a stupid mistake), they didn’t slap me with backdated fees. PostFinance was CHF 15 and I couldn’t find anything cheaper. Now the account is closed.
Swissquote never figured it out, I still have my account.
Maybe you have a look at banque cantonale vaudoise, its CHF 20 / months under certain condition it’s waived:

This fee is waived for the following individuals:
• Swiss nationals with more than
CHF 50,000 in assets held at BCV
• Cross-border workers
• Individuals under the age of 18
• Individuals who hold only:

  • A Security Deposit account
  • An Epargne 3 account
  • A Vested Benefits account
  • Life insurance
    Exceptions may apply.
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What was your mistake with Post?

Yes, as long as you not emigrating to the US do as Cortana says. Remember to declare it nicely tax-wise at the new place.

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Hi kilyn I am in your same situation can i ask you which bank was your final choice? I left Switzerland one year ago but kept my money in UBS which has become extremely expensive… I need another bank who will allow me to open a non resident account to move my money there without extremely high fees… was it CA-NextBank? Rgds Carlos/Mexico

Why not open an account in your new country?

CA Nextbank is a good option if you have at least 20k with them (then free). They give more interest on their saving account than others as well, a whopping 0.3% :wink:

Their E-Banking solutions atm are limited, but serviceable, the rest is as good as with others, just for free, including for non-residents (and joint accounts, the reason why I have an account there).

Thought about YUH? They seem to not care if you are a resident or not.

They do have to and likely will (as much as any other app-based bank account).
After all, one of their maing selling points are the investment opportunities on offer.

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