Swiss Angel Investors Group


Is there an Angel Investors Group within Switzerland ?



There is BAS Switzerland ( I can highly recommend them, very nice people.


There are many. I am part of SWISS Health Angels (only healthcare) and RisingTide which I would not recommend. Whatever you do AVOID GoBeyond investing which has bad practices and recently had 3m of investor money misappropriated with no recourse for investors.

May I stupidly ask what it is?

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My two cents based on my experience (4 investments + 1 exit), and by quality of the deal flow:

  1. Investiere
  2. Sictic
  3. BAS
  4. Go Beyond

You don’t want to invest with bas and go beyond, sictic is okay, investiere is good to great.

Angel investment is like truffle hunting, best deals are done through connections, most of the time between existing founders or if you personally know a VC. I suggest that you attend the events of the above groups to build your network before investing. Also, if you have a strong expertise in a particular area, you could try to go the advisor path to build your own deal flow and enter super early.

You need to be aware of the risks as well, usually 8 out of 10 investments will return 0$, 1 out of 10 will pay back your investment, and the final will yield a x00% return.

My strategy: I have a “personal” fund of 100k that I divided in 10 parts of 10k (5 to go), I try to do 2 investments per year.

Good luck, it is super fun and rewarding, you meet exceptional individuals :+1:

+1 to Investiere (I’m invested in 2 startups thru them).

I’d also agree to that, I’ve attended some pitches organized by Investiere and met very interesting people on both sides (investors and “inventors”).

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Great input, thanks everyone. Any further recommendations ?

I looked into Investiere, but you need to be a qualified investor based on the criteria defined by Swiss law (500k net worth and educational/professional background OR >2M net worth). Unfortunately not there yet.

Awesome, I am actually on the other end and looking for funding instead for investment opportunities. I did not know about these opportunities, listed here

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