Swiss Accredited Investor Criteria


What is the Swiss version of the accredited investor criteria, so that you can invest into private comapnies ? i.e. how much income or wealth do you need to meet the criteria. Is this different per canton or the same throughout Switzerland?

In the US it’s USD $200k per year as income or USD $1m in wealth.

And do you have a link to the Gov website.

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You can invest in startups and companies on (min. 25’000 USD or 50’000 USD depends on the company).

Art 5 FIDLEG: CHF 500k for the initiated, CHF 2 Million for the uninitiated


They also make you sign a form that you confirm to have either substancial expertise in Finance and 500k in assets or 2m in assets. It’s not controlled in anyway tho. I haven’t had any issues with the tax office yet regarding this.

Why would the tax office care?

It’s a financial regulation, nothing to do with taxes. If anything I guess the platform might get in trouble with finma (and you might get in trouble for lying, but no idea what kind of penalty that would be).

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