Swap function with IB

I used the search but didn’t find it, so I hope it is ok to post here. I bought in August 2022 VOO when I wasn’t exactly sure what I will do.
Still not 100% sure and kind of experimenting, but VT is my main ETF. Now I want to get rid of VOO and swap it for VT. Is the swap function a good thing or is it better to sell VOO and buy VT? Thanks

I don’t think it would make any difference, since it’s just a shortcut for selling the security and buying a new one. The only thing to be aware of is that both the selling and buying will be a market order [1]

Once the investor has chosen a stock, it will populate the buy area and the amount of shares, share price, and the approximate value of the purchase will populate the screen. It is important to note that both orders will be market orders and the size is set to the current position of the stock the investor is swapping out of.

And you obviously need to have enough cash to cover buying the new security (a few $ in my case, but very low).

[1] Using the GlobalTrader Swap | Trading Lesson | Traders' Academy | IBKR Campus

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Thanks a lot, then I will do this when VOO is high and VT is low :slight_smile:

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Hi. Not sure, what you mean. But there is quite a bit of VOO in VT. So they will usually rise or drop together. You would need to wait for Europe to perform better than US.
If you want to sell VOO at a good moment you need to wait to buy VT at a good moment. But this is market timing (i.e. difficult).

Hi, thanks for your answer. I know, it was kind of a joke. I have 5 VOO shares, so I think it more or less doesn’t matter. I made 10% with it, that should cover everything.

I tried this function several times already and it never worked once. The only thing happened was that it sold everything and bought nothing and then gave an error message that it failed.

Hmm ok, thanks for the warning. I will try it and then report if it worked or not.

I think they must have implemented AI…