Survey: Mustachians in Switzerland v. 2024

Dear community!

Following up on “popular demand” in the topic Where to find frugal friends? - #88 by dbu,
I’ve refreshed and extended a bit the survey which should hopefully give us a better picture of our forum community.

This year I introduced a few “financial metrics” - which I marked as optional, in case you don’t feel comfortable sharing.
I understand it is not ideal (especially around definitions of financial metrics), but I tried to keep it as simple as possible, yet with enough detail to provide us some interesting insights.
You will understand that agreeing on a single definition followed by everybody is near impossible. :slight_smile:
So I tried to be as explicit as possible around inclusions/exclusions.

Once we get enough responses (e.g. 50+), I will recreate a similar dashboard as earlier, to share the aggregated results (similar to what we had in Mustachians in Switzerland).
Your (optional) username will not be exposed to the community (other than myself - so that we can e.g. trace if you already filled the survey, in case you want to check or resubmit your inputs).
You could also use any other “identifier” not related to your username, if you’re worried. :slight_smile:

Special thanks to our fellow user @rolandinho for providing a useful 4-eye review, and @Mr.Paprika for triggering me to recreate this and creating the original poll!

Now go ahead and contribute!
Last time around we ended up with the impressive 190 responses, so I’m hoping we can get there this time too.

P.S. If the mods could pin this for some time, that will help us get to bigger numbers faster. :slight_smile:

P.P.S. Please use this thread for any feedback you might have - if early enough we might push it already in this version; otherwise we keep it for v. 2025. :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

First of all, happy new year for all of you! :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

Thanks for dbu making this effort and putting this into a brand new form!
Fingers crossed, we will get enough answers. :crossed_fingers:
I can gladly help with the Looker Studio visualisation!

Mr.Paprika :hot_pepper:


Great idea @dbu !
If you’re in, I’d love to publish it on the blog once we aggregated enough data (obviously giving you and @rolandinho full credits). Let me know.


@_MP , nice to see it potentially on the blog. Just to be clear/correct , this is a @dbu / @Mr.Paprika effort.


Looking at the previous report, It’s interesting. I expected to see central Switzerland on the top, but it’s surprising that ZH is on the top alone. I guess people living in ZG and SZ are already rich, so they are not pursuing frugal living :smile:

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I’m looking at the current results. It’s crazy how I fit into the most popular group in almost every question (ZH, male, with partner, no kids, age, expenses, savings rate, etc).

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Obviously, you are a representative “spherical horse in a vacuum” of the demographic population of this forum.


For income maybe specify that RSU vests are part of income? (I assume they are)

(I guess non liquid shares or options might be harder to value but RSU seems like it should be there)

As soon as you have kids, FIRE looks challenging. KITA cost are finished will end by Summer. Let’s see how the rate looks after.

That’s a great idea !

I’m quite new interacting in this community so where do you usually meet or plan meetings ?

hi there!
Happy new year!
Let’s organize an online virtual meet up (if the physical meetup doesn’t wok out)!

Hello everyone.

In about 10 days we are up to 125 responses!
(out of which ~100 responses with financial metrics)

Thank you all for contributing, and waiting patiently. :slight_smile:

First version of the dashboard is here:

Everything is clickable/filterable on.
Not perfect yet, but wanted to share this with you ASAP. :slight_smile:
I might be playing around further with UX so expect changes here and there.



Nice job !

I think you have to divide by 100 the figures for the “cohabitation” pie !

Otherwise, giving the limited number of people in my canton, I see that I’m the only one above 45 and with 2 kids :grimacing:

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Not sure I get what you mean?

Sure if you filter sufficiently on several categories, you can ultimately come to the count of 1 (knowing it’s yourself).

What would “dividing by 100” achieve?

Metric showed for all the charts should be “count”, except for donuts where it’s “percentage” - but I think the labels should clearly show that (having “%”). :slight_smile:


I think what he / she means is the following: e.g. the graph shows 3810 participants in “partnership/concubinate/couple” while there are only 125 participants in the questionnaire. :slight_smile:

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Very interesting. Not many women, as far as I can see :smile:

Ohh thanks for catching that!
Indeed the metric config there remained a sum of something instead of record count - my bad.
Should be fixed now. :slight_smile:

Thanks both @weirded and @anonym.


I’m also in that 45+ age group and a bit surprised that “we” are only 12% (15/125) of the forum (well, of the forum-poll-partakers, to be precise).

Soon we will join some of us :).

It’s amazed me your savings rate. Even if I believe that I am quite frugal (Just realized that I’ve mistake my savings rate in the survey should be around 30% instead of 17%. But your figures are incredible.
I hope that when my small one finish the kita I can go to your level guys :slight_smile: