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Hello guys,
spring is just started and I’m planning now to buy new summer tyres for my Fiat Tipo SW. I had for 2 years the 4-seasons tyres and I will never again take them.
My tyres size is 225/45 R17 94Y.

I am planning, also after the TCS tests, to take one among the following 3 brands:
1-Continental Premium Contact 6
2-Michelin Primacy 4
3-Pirelli Cinturato P7

Any one is having any experience with any of the brand above cited?

Second topic is the place where to purchase them and where to mount them.
I have been asking to the official Fiat garage in the area (Seeland) and I have been asked around 250 Chf only for mounting and 40% higher price Respect to reifen direkt. Just crazy in my opinion.
Smaller garage offered me mounting price of around 60-100chf and tyres price 15-20% higher than reifen direkt.
Any one having experience with
Which is your opinion/experience on the topic?

Thanks in advance to all of you.


omg i want to cry, i just checked your site and for my new car i can buy all 4 tyres to pretty much what i used to pay before for one tire!
You made an old man indirectly happy with your post. interested to see what people post here
What are the drawbacks of 4 season tires? sounds like a win-win to me : )

Ones experience is irrelevant, what counts is what a test from a reliable source or feedback from a representive group. No matter which one you go for they‘ll all be fine (unless you‘re unlucky and get the 1 in a million tire (number made up) that has a production fault).

Using for years now, can recommend.

And for my car I just purchased those Pirellis - best bang for buck in my corner (after looking at tests, and considering noise and gas economy ratings).
Also I had the same set (previous gen) for the last 3 years and I was satisfied.

Continentals are 50% more expensive, and I am sure they don’t offer that much better features to be worth it for me.

Not best neither in winter nor summer, attempting to be both. :grin:

Jokes (not entirely) aside, economically speaking, if you do small mileage per year I would say all-seasons are OK.
If you drive relatively a lot, it won’t matter much if you change the all-seasons every 2 years, or 2 pairs of winter/summer tyres every 4 years (with best fit for purpose).

Performance-wise, in actual snow there is a significant difference in grip/braking with winters vs. all-seasons.
If you drive on clean roads only that is not so strong of a deal.
But winter/summer are not just about the surface, rather the ideal operating temperatures of the compounds.

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@dbu said it all.

I’ve had tires of all mentioned brands one time or the other, never had any problems. I usually check some test reports on the internet (TCS, for example) and pick e.g. the most silent tire.

Reifendirekt has a list of partner garages where you can deliver the tires and have them fitted to your car. Never tried any of those, though.

My dad just bought all-season tires — but he doesn’t drive at night, or in the snow, or when it rains. :smile: I’d say if you drive on snow-covered roads, proper winter tires would be a good choice.

The are good for everything, so at the end never truly good in any conditions…
In summer it seems you loose aderence, under rain forget to go well. Mine in winter were somehow ok with small snow and ice (I tested sveral times in the Alps), but nothing compared to a true winter tyre.
My experience was bad because they were not fitting what I needed, but in general I cannot say they are totally bad.
As someone mentioned before, I would buy them for someone that does not use the car routinely and not in extrene conditions (high speed, snow, rain, high temeprature in summer).

This is actually what I’m mainly looking for.

What about the tyres quality? They are ex actly the same of what you buy normally in a garage (just cheaper because the economy of scale) or lower quality?

How can the “quality” differ?
The only thing I can think of is a difference in “shelf life”, i.e. how long ago were they manufactured before being sold to you.
But according to some research I stumbled upon (by Michelin), a couple of years sitting before fitting makes no significant difference.
Anyone has different info?

From their site FAQ, translated:

Are the tires new too?
We only offer new tires from ongoing production. We show goods in stock that are older than 2 years as DOT goods with the year of production. With the DOT marking on the tire wall, you can identify both the calendar week and the year of production. Please note, however, that proper storage will improve the specific properties of the material over time, as the tire rubber compound is not immediately exposed to road traffic and can harden further. According to BRV (Bundesverband Reifenhandel und Vulkaniseur-Handwerk eV), if properly stored, tires are brand new for up to 3 years and new for up to 5 years.

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I bought mine there, everything was good. and nice price

I personally bought my last set at, they were the cheapest. Directly shipped to my garage which I paid 60chf to mount.

Only second hand experience: a friend only received 2 tyres when he had ordered 4. My local indy garage also said “Bei Reifendirekt werden kleine Probleme zu grossen Problemen.” It’s cheap when everything goes well but horrible if there is a hitch and you need to talk to customer service.

I order my tyres from the garage who will mount them. The prices have been competitive and I like having a single point of contact/responsibility. It’s worth asking the garage who mounts them in case they have a supplier.

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Reifendirekt always worked, as long as you find a good garage that will mount them for you.

The brands you found are all good, but expensive brands. I would look for cheaper ones, from second brands of big brands. Like Barum, Kleber, Viking, Debica, Falken, Firestone…

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