Suggestion: Career sub-forum

I’m new here, so forgive me if there is one, but it’s not obvious based on the naming.
Would it be possible to make a career related sub-forum? There are a lot focusing on savings, tax optimization etc. but the other side of the equation is increasing your income, so tips & tricks and career choice could be discussed there. Or is there already an appropriate place for that?


This has not been focused as much. Maybe some inside:

I don’t know how generalizable career advice is. After all you can’t recommend everyone to switch to or start a career in, say, programming. Much easier with sell everything and buy VT.

Still, maybe there is useful information and it certainly is an input to the FIRE equation (hence also the often heard advice to earn more instead of optimizing some basis points):

  • earn
  • save
  • invest
  • spend

The first two are mainly part of accumulation, the last one is mainly part of retirement. Actual exchange on the earn part seems to be the most neglected out of them.

I vote for adding this subforum.

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First, I am not sure if the list of sub-forums can be changed. If yes, I might actually come up with some ideas for a reorganization. Or not, because I have other things that I have to or want to do. Maybe even both.

Second, it is not forbidden and not even “discouraged” to post and discuss career topics.

Nevertheless, I am afraid the careers subforum won’t be very efficient here for many reasons.

  1. We do have people of different professions, not only in IT. I think that general principles would be very broad and vague, and more specific topics won’t reach a sufficient audience to be fruitful. Except for maybe IT, which is already happening often enough. For other professionals, I just don’t think we have enough people ready to discuss their careers to have a meaningful discussion. If this sub-forum would be created, it would be barely alive, IMO.

  2. I don’t think it’s a good place to have these kinds of discussions. The strength of this forum is that it is a unique place where people discuss Personal Finance in its various forms, specifically for people resident in Switzerland. We all know how aggressively ignorant general populace is when it comes to financial questions. Career advancement is a more socially acceptable theme. There are tons of resources about it. For discussion between peers, it’s better to look for professional associations, alumni organizations and so on.

I’m ignorant about that, I have to admit. Can you recommend some forums geared towards careers? Ideally similar to how we discuss investing here. I get value out of the hivemind’s combined knowledge. Be it pointing to useful new information, being corrected, or being forced to learn to argue my point.

Sorry, I didn’t have anything specific in mind. Isn’t it what for example LinkedIn all about?

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Ever heard of Reddit? There exists a subreddit for everything.

You’d think, but I feel like the content is warped by people trying to sell. Sell themselves, their company, their courses, their services, their websites. In addition, I feel you have to be careful in what you put out there, as everything is public and frequented by HR. Except for the crazies that put political hot takes next to their clear name on a job site. It generates so much fake noise for not enough signal. Noise we weed out quite effectively here.

No, not yet. But it seems you have some specific subreddit you can recommend?


Here are a few subreddit examples for CS/IT:

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can basically find everything on Reddit.

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Find a copy of Wall Street Playboys’ book Efficiency. It’s around, and has the OG earnings recommendations.