Subletting a room in AirBnB

Hi everyone,

I hope this is the right place to ask this question, otherwise, please let me know and I will edit it.

The situation is the following: I am living in an 5-room apartment with 2 flatmates. The contract is only under my name since we are friends. So basically, I pay the landlord, and they pay the corresponding amount directly to me.

Now, one of flatmates is leaving the flat, and my other friend and I would not really want to live with someone else for long period, therefore, we will look for a new and more affordable flat.

To cover his part of the rent until we find the new flat, we were planning to sublet the room in AirBnB. I read that subletting is permitted as long as the landlord is informed about it.

Does some of you have experience on that? Do you see any problem on that from legal point of view? Is it usually hard to get the consent from the landlord, specially considering that we plan to be cautious with the people we would accept?

I hope someone can throw some light :slight_smile:

You should have already explored that venue when 2 of your friends were moving in.

Your arrangement so far with them (paying to you and you to landlord) was already possibly outside of regulations.

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Actually as long as the landlord is informed, this is totally fine (and they can actually decline only with a really good reason). Most WGs work like that (one main renter who has also all the responsibility and who has the subcontracts with the subrenters). Only condlition is that you are not allowed to do a profit as main renter.

AirBnB on the other hand is a different animal, since you are then becoming commercial, and there might be local regulations which come in play (plus the fact that other renters in the building (or owners) might not be so happy, especially if there are disturbances.

I know about WGs but since we want to find people for a shorter period, maybe that’s not what would help us.

So I guess I will have to figure out about local regulations. Regarding disturbances, that’s why we would like AirBnB, so we can “filter” who comes in and be a bit more selective.

If you stay in the flat while renting one of the rooms through AirBnB you shouldn’t get much trouble in my opinion. Situation would be different if you completely rent the flat and live somewhere else.