Strike, underline and color tags


I haven’t found a similar request, I apologize if it’s already been submitted.

There are Bold and Italics tags available but no Strike (the one I miss the most, to correct wrong information in previous posts without deleting the original content), Underline (sometimes more useful than Bold) nor Color tags available (if there are, again, apologize and I’ll be glad to learn how to do it).

Is it possible to customize the tags available and to add these (or at least the Strike one)?

Wishing you all a nice day and thanks for these boards.

Using the following tags <s>some text</s> will be rendered as strikethrough text.


This post was wrong

~~Scratch this.~~

Scratch this.

Google for Markdown Cheat Sheet for the list of all options.

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I wasn’t using the right tags. :sweat:

Man do I feel stupid.

You guys are awesome!
No, seriously, you guys are awesome!

And yes, if someone with moderator powers fancies checking, my tags in this post are all over the place between BBCode, html and Markdown (for the horizontal rule).

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