Stocks missing in ICTax, is that a problem?

I bought the following Japanese railway stocks: TYO:9020, TYO:9021, TYO:9022 but they are missing in the ICTax tool:

I assumed these stocks would be present in the tool given they are huge.

Is that a problem? Will I end up paying higher taxes somehow? How do I ask them to add these stocks to the list?


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Personally, I’d just declare them “manually”.
Number of share, value at the end of the year, dividend distributions - how hard can it be?
(The main question should be the distinction between gross and net dividends and and withholding tax)

Not sure if I have ever done so with single stock - but I did with some funds (which can be tricky or downright a grey are, if they aren’t or aren’t fully distributing) Never been asked any questions. Then again, I’m not rich.


It has happend to me several times, it’s not a problem, I declared them manually. You have to be a bit careful with dividends and withholding taxes.
You could ask for the instrument to be included, but I’ve never done it as it looks overly complicated:

Good Luck
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Hello. I had the same problem on two stock.
I send a e-mail to the AFC and they added it within 2 days.
They are very reactive. Just ask them.

Have a good day.


Hi Julien,
I own a couple of accumulating etf but registered in ICTax.
To whom did you addressed your message?
I have just done a simple declaration so far but I am anticipating the 2021 fiscal change.

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