Stock analysis tools

Hi everyone,

I would like to find better tools that allow me to simplify stock analysis and trading decisions. Right now I am using a bunch of sites and stock screeners and is inconvenient to piece together data from so many sources.

The ideal features would include:

  • Access to financial data so that I can create multi-dimensional custom comparisons between stocks. This is by far the most important as it is the foundation for my trading. Comparisons would be specific to an industry, to the company type, etc. It would help if I have programatic access to financial data and I have the flexibility to write custom code. Even better if I have support to plot the data.

  • Compare the performance of a stock with the relevant indexes (market or industry). It would be helpful if I can define my own benchmark based on a custom basket of similar companies (i.e., compare a company with its closest competitors).

  • Support to keep track of my trading decisions. For example, I would like to create a trading file that is a snapshot of an existing analysis, includes the strategy/logic that justifies the trade, a set of assumptions/expectations (e.g. company will have positive cash flow, certain revenue growth, etc), and a set of metrics for monitoring. This trading file would contain various graphs (e.g., performance versus some benchmark) and would be updated automatically.

  • I would like to get notifications whenever my assumptions do not hold anymore, i.e., a monitoring metric exceeded some threshold. For example, when a company reports an unexpected loss.

  • Access to trading data and technical analysis tools would be a plus. Once I decide that a certain trade is desirable, I am primarily interested in simple strategies to optimise price within a time window. E.g., I believe a company is going to exceed expectations at the next earnings report due in 1 week. How do I minimize buying price so that I hold stock before that date?

Any input is greatly appreciated. I am a novice in this field. My thanks in advance.

I can vote for (if you are interested in fundamental charts):


What kind of financial data are you looking for exactly? What sites are you using so far? What do you mean by custom code?

There are a bunch of api out there, but depending on the data you are looking for you have to pay for it. I personally use python and get the data by scraping websites. Depending on your programing skills, you can easily build your own stock analysis tool. Given the flexibility and level of detail you want, I think your best option is to build an algorithm yourself.

If you use python too, you can try Quantopian, the data are free, but your code will shared within the community.

Thanks for the replies. I somehow did not get or did not see the notifications.

I decided to eventually make time and write code to take advantage of existing public APIs. Let’s see when this happens :).

So far I have been using, marketwatch, yahoo finance, IB analysis tools and feeds, traderview, optionsamurai, unicorn bay, finviz, 1-2 FB groups to get new ideas and see market sentiment. Happy with the returns but I’m probably spending too much time gathering data.

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