Stay put - on the importance of *not* interrupting the compounding

Just wanted to share these two blog articles about the importance of “staying put” or doing nothing: Staying Put · Collaborative Fund
The Freakishly Strong Base

I am more and more convinced that “doing nothing” is TRULY the hard part of successful investing (certainly harder than picking the right global ETF with the lowest TER etc).

The thing that worked for me the best is picking ONE etf that I really like and then ignore my portfolio (I force myself to review it only once per month when I update my net worth sheets etc). If I pick multiple ETFs or individual stocks, I might fiddle with the allocation, start to question, stay more in cash, etc.

live long and prosper :sunny:

ps: following the logic of the article above, it obviously matters quite a lot how early you stash away serious money: Go Big, Then Stop – Of Dollars And Data


My “rule” is to not sell things. This automatically stops me from buying arbitrary things that I don’t believe in longterm.


Fully agree with you.

Reading Daniel Kahnemans Thinking: Fast and Slow atm.
He also states that not looking at your portfolio on a daily basis heavily increases the emotional quality of life, besides of having the benefit of compounding long term.

However, I also have to force myself not looking at stock market data. Somehow it started to be some kind of a routine.