Sparbatze new 3a solution?

Hello did anyone checked this? I have seen the ad on Instagram. It has low TER (0,39%) but maximum stock allocation seems to be only 75%

I guess not very relevant for the mustachians but it is nice to see competion.


Check the details (slightly hidden), you fell for the 0.39%…but there are also safekeeping fees etc.:slight_smile:


Regardless of costs, I quite like their approach of trying something than the rest of the pack, and their offer of themed funds (though only at 5% of your portfolio, if I’m reading the FAQ correctly).

The total is 0.78%: Monatliche Kosten bei einer Verwaltungsgebühr von 0,39% und durchschnittliche Produktekosten von 0,39%.


Monthly would be a bit steep :wink:

I don’t know it’s written here :crazy_face:

What is written is “for the inputted investment amount your monthly costs are calculated above, based on 0.39% + 0.39%”
The % is p.a., but to make the costs look less, they say only Fr 400 per month, not Fr 5000 per year.
Why not per day :roll_eyes: like that Serafe “oh only Fr 1 a day” or those banks who prefer to quote fees per quarter to appear cheaper?

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