Spanish Members

Hello everyone!

Maybe there are some spanish mustachian people here?

you can manifest yourself :slight_smile:


I’m from Barcelona . Catalan Inside :slight_smile:

I hope back a day to home if my country permit me
(and the taxes don’t make change my mind)

Hola… I am not Spanish but Guiri married to a Spanish girl and interested about consequences of Retire Early in Spain

Yes it’s similar

But for 2 & 3 pillar it would be nice to get the money back and pay less tax than was initially “saved”. And from the Spain example I think It’s not good :frowning:
So maybe the option of wait until 58 years and have a mensual income it is the least bad option…
Now I have 39 but I hope go Fire before 50

Barcelona here too :raised_hands:t2:

From a quick google search, seems like it’s not great (20 to 24% progressive tax), that said you pay only tax on the pension gain, not on the contributions (not sure about the employers contributions, someone speaking spanish might have an easier time doing research).

So it’s likely to still be a nice win (e.g. you contribute 100k, it grows by 20k, you pay only tax on the 20k).

In english the keywords are “pension lump sum taxation”.

I found multiple sites focused at UK expats. Some say the total payout is taxed in Spain as investment income, others as general income and others at another rate and only on the gain. :man_shrugging:

“Spanish residents accessing UK pensions or QROPS income will attract Spanish general income tax. Rates vary regionally, but generally start at 19.5% and reach up to 48%.”

Does anyone of you have a real estate property in spain which you are renting?
My tax advisor in spain tells me that when you love in CH (meaning outside EU) i need to pay 24% taxes on the gross rent income (i.e. without the deduction of interests of the mortgage, community costs etc). Compared to spanish residents this is much much higher (spanish residents can deduct these costs and they actually also pay less % on the net income).
Anyone has some experiences to share?

Hola Pablo
He is right, that is because we live outside of the EU. It’s outrageous and prevented me from buying a property in my hometown (Valencia)
Here you have a very good explanation about this:

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Thx a lot “agenda” for the confirmation. Really destroying the investment opportunities for us in Spain.

Hola a todos!
Por aquí un Burgales que lleva 8 años en Suiza.
Me interesaría saber más sobre cual sería la mejor forma el día de mañana de coger el 2º y 3er pillar en Suiza y llevarlo a España.
Vivo entre Zurich y Basel por lo que si hay alguien cerca, podemos hacer una quedada cuando el COVID mejore.

Hola a todos
alguien sabe que pasa con la cuenta de IB si te vuelves de Suiza a Espanya?
Se puede mantener haciendo alguna pequenya gestion?

Ni idea, pero me interesa también! Creo que la podrás transfereing a una cuenta de España y mantener lo que tienes.

En principio el 3pilar lo puedes sacar si dejas suiza definitivamente (pagando los impuestos que correspondan)
En cuanto al 2 queda bloqueado hasta la edad de jubilación (hay acuerdo con España) por lo que no hay forma de sacarlo.

hola a todos,

I didn’t know that we have a Spanish part.
Live 9 years here. but I’ve just moved to Zug from Zurich.

Would love to have a Spanish corner here on the forum so I can practice my elementary knowledge of Spanish a bit even if it’s only reading some posts about relevant topics :slight_smile:

Yo me acabo de mudar de Zurich a Basel!

Hola Chicos, estamos con la idea de comprar una casa o un pequeño edificio cerca de valencia para alquilar lo. Alguien tiene experiencia con la compra en España viviendo en Suiza? Creo que voy a empezar con unos contactos en Remax pero si alguien tuviera una otra recomendation seria grandioso.


Also interested in this.

No hay forma de contornar eso de alguna forma, como alquilar a un familiar por una “renta” de 1 EUR y luego él se lo alquila, o algo asi?

No soy español pero tengo sangre ibérica :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: y mi esposa es de Sevilla. Vivimos en Ginebra hace 7 años.

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