Sole proprietorship company while working

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently exploring the possibility of starting a side gig and am considering setting up a company (Sole proprietorship) for this venture. Given that I am also employed full-time, I’m concerned about the potential tax implications this new endeavor might bring.

Has anyone here tried something similar or can anyone recommend any resources for further reading on this matter?

Thank you in advance for your insights!

See my post here regarding taxes: Help me understand the 20% of the net income rule as a self employed person (pillar 3a) - #2 by logitacher

this is a good starting point:

If you want to set up a sole propriertorship, you can choose between having one

  • with a entry in the Commercial Register.
  • without an entry in the CR - possible up to 100’000 in turnover.

If you are entered in the commercial register, you must keep double-entry bookkeeping. You have to declare VAT also from 100k.
Without entry in the commercial register you just have to provide an Excel file with money coming in and money going out.
You also have to sign up for AHV in either case.

The gain is going to count towards your total income.
It’s fairly easy.

You also have to sign up for AHV in either case.

I am already employed 100%. I guess this does not apply to me as I am already registered there.

Of course you have to. You will need to pay

You’ll have to sign up as self-employed because your AVS contributions aren’t deducted from your salary. You’ll have to pay 10 % of your profit yourself. If you don’t they will find and fine you.

It’s all under the link I provided.
Do your homework, otherwise you’ll get bitten in your tuches