Sole Proprietor as Trader & 2nd /3rd Pillar withdrawal

Hi, anyone who trades full time as set up as Sole Proprietor? Is this the way to go if you trade full time?
Also, is it possible to get your 2nd & 3rd Pillar with doing this?

I would guess that you’d be treated as a professional trader, and all capital gains would be considered as income and be taxed?

For sure, thats not a problem, it will replace my current salary

From what I understand, it may not be straightforward to be accepted as a professional trader, because this would allow you to deduct losses and get AHV (through income instead of wealth) and 3rd pillar benefits.

Without separate GmbH or AG, I don’t know if the 2nd pillar would be available. I would rather have thought it would be the larger version of the 3rd pillar.

I guess to deduct losses and access the 3rd pillar, and also to trade more often than for wealth management.