Solar Panels and Renting Out


We are currently thinking about solar panels for our house. But we will likely switch house in the next 4-5 years and were wondering a few things about what would happen to the electricity with our future potential tenants.

It is possible for us to get the the electricity bill and put inside the fees of the house? If not, how would we manage the fact that we could produce more electricity than used? Would that go to the tenant?

What we are trying to see is whether that’s worth it in our case or not

You have to create a ZEV Zusammenschluss Eigenverbrauch with your tenants. That means you needto have 2 electricity meter installed. One for the PV and one tor the tenants. The PV counter is managing if the PV production goes to the grid or to the tenants.

Be aware that there are rules for the pricing of your PV electricity. Eg it is not allowed to ask the same amount from the tenants as they pay to the official provider. Most of the providers will offer a solution for a waterproof billing to temants (sure at certain costs…)

Here some more informations:


Thanks, that’s very useful!

Check out:

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I did some calculation last year and from cost prospective it doesn’t make sense.
With batteries you are going to be break even after around 10 years, and then it’s time to potentially change the batteries again or buy a newer/better model.
Then also to consider the maintenance of the panels.
It makes sense with 50% or so reimbursement, but at least in my canton, it’s lower than 20%

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