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I am wondering if there is a software to aggregate all the data from my various bank accounts, trading accounts, etc… I guess that there is no option in Switzerland to link directly the bank accounts to a software but maybe I could at least import files (csv, sepa) from the accounts into the software.
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Im using YNAB, free for the first year if you are a student. I tried exporting postfinance to excel file and importing it but the export was not done correctly, with each category in a separate excel column. I opened a ticket but the postfinance help person(non a programer) was keep telling me to try again with a different browser. I told her that she should do it since i created such a nice step by step how to for her… I gave up because i like to enter data by hand anyway. I use the online tool on my laptop and the app with my ipone. They also have a software but i dont need it.
Mind is free but i think it doesnt work to have the bank accounts to not pull the info automatically.
There is also BudgetSimple, its free but i never used it. Maybe next year when my ynab free licence expires.

hi Dago,

few years ago while still using gnucash i tried to export form ubs but that failed miserably. should try this again, they’ve upgraded their platform and perhaps have improved that part as well.

Ynab has a example file of how exported data should look like and the best formats. I remmember the developer never heared of that format, formats(there were 2). You can just send that to ubs to fix their export file. Also they were separating the columns with semicolumns and ynab wanted each data category in a separate exel column. It shouldnt be that difficult from banks to offer that.

Thank you for your reply. I think that it would not be difficult for them to implement it but they don’t want it. They want us stuck in their ecosystem. This is a pity and not the best for customers.

Should’t be too complicated to create a Macro with Excel given output and input formats. If you post sample files maybe someone will be able to help ?

I for one gave up on synching with the bank. Since I’m on Apple hardware I moved to Moneydance and actually record data at the time of payment/purchase over the phone app, review entries once at end of month to ensure everything is there.

If they both use a csv file and just the formatting is wrong, writing a converter should be trivial.
I might take a look at it given examples.

I have been using Gnucash now for over a year and I am extremely happy with it. It’s double accounting as for small companies, and manybe a little geeky. but it gives perfect insight into my financial structure.

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