Smartphone! (mustachian....)


For anyone looking for a new smartphone nowadays, I strongly recommend the Pocophone.
Digitech sells it for 340CHF new. It has the best CPU launched in 2018 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 845) and one of the biggest batteries out there (4000 mAh). Plus more than enough RAM: 8GB.
My GF loves it, she’s had it for a few months now.

The only possible downside is no NFC, though if you don’t care about Android Pay, then this is a non-issue. Personally, I prefer the plastic cards over paying with the app.

The camera is awesome in good lighting conditions, but obviously it’s no Pixel 3 in low light.

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Great phone, however it doesnt support Netflix 1080p streaming, because they couldn’t be arsed to implement a DRM standard. Unfortunately thats a deal breaker for me



Just want to point out that you can download a port of the GCamera (same camera as on the pixel3) and it really improves the Pocophone’s camera. It doesn’t require root, it’s just an .apk to install, it’s very easy. Information here (remember to adjust the settings for the camera to have the best performance [also explained in the thread linked]).

As for netflix 1080p, they said it was a software limitation and they are supposed to fix it soon.

I also have a pocophone and I am happy with it. I think it might be great for someone that can keep good care of it, because it has the potential to last 5+ years, given the hardware it has built in.


I personally got the Huawei P20 Lite last autumn after much thought.
It costs 250CHF, has all the sensors and features, looks nice and is made of glass.

Of course glass can break if you drop it, but it also withstands time better if you don’t (i.e. it doesn’t scratch easily or get grubby).

And since it’s not Snapdragon based there are not many custom software options… But thats actually fine with me, and I’m a software dev. Usually with those custom roms something always breaks or gets weird, I would rather live with an old android version than some custom thing, tbh.


My thanks to all the people who recommended Xiaomi. I bought a Redmi Note 5A half a year ago for less than CHF150. It looks sort of plain, but is robust and really does everything I want it to.

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I had the p20 lite before drowning it (ups) 2 months ago.
It’s a great device, I got the mine for 225 CHF.
The only thing is that the camera is sub-par, so don’t count too much on it if you want to take decent pictures. Otherwise solid choice.


iPhone SE.

Does everything I need. Small size comes handy and the edges make it really fantastic to grip when I’m out and about. Sometimes wish it had more than 16GB, and the front camera has become blurry for some reason. Resale value should therefore be negligible.

Somehow I’ve come to appreciate my iPhone SE more and more, the older it gets. The longer I’m staying with it, the more value I feel to be getting out of it.

Apple’s recent price hikes are probably an additional factor in that. I would never switch to Android (and I’ve tried) though, for utter lack of joy using that OS. Admittedly, if Apple made something like the XR in a smaller form factor, they could tempt me to buy a new phone. Mainly for the camera and more storage. I won’t be paying soon for a phone that is larger than what I would want it to be.


Welcome @San_Francisco.

you are definitely a type of Fanboy. No offense btw. It’s just that you literally love your phone :slight_smile:

Having said that, I m starting to hate how Android is getting messy. Last Version is pushing changes for “notch” phones on non-notch phones. They moved the clock on the left side of the upper bar and the text for airplane mode on a locked non-notch phone is something very sad.
Also the push for unfeatures is sad (“Bixby” etc…)
End of Rant. :slight_smile:


Looking into new low-end android phones I have seen that most of them use shit-tier wifi chipsets and lte modems and cut corners in other places.

For more well rounded packages looking at used/surplus last-gen (or older) flagships might be an interesting option.

IPhones have insane resale prices, so I would not worry about that camera too much.

IPhone X, only lightly run over by a tank, 600CHF please XD


If somebody really wants an iPhone for Software / Ecosystem reasons, I’ve found that refurbished or just 2nd-hand iPhone 6(s) are “reasonably” priced. E.g. from here: or


After 6 years my Samsung Galaxy S4 fell down once too much last week… I invested a few hours to compare the different budget phones. I decided to buy a Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. CHF 172 (PC Ostschweiz)

  • good quality for this price
  • I still can use my in-ears with a cable (apart from the price, main reason against Xiaomi Mi A2)
  • android one/pie, fast updates (security!)

I also considered Nokia 3.1 and 5.1 to save even more money but I think at the end I prefer to safe this money somewhere else and not on a devise that I use daily.


I own an iPhone XS, and yes, it was an expensive purchase, but I am very satisfied. As mentioned, iPhones lose their value very slowly. And that’s because the software still keeps the older models running after a few years. I can’t say this about Android. I own a HTC One M7 from 2013 and it is so slow, it’s unusable, although physically it is in a good shape and has a big full HD screen.

If you purchase your phone through your company, you can save a lot of taxes. Then if you take care of it, you can still resell it for a few hundred francs.

But then again, I hope I never drop my iPhone, because then you can forget all this praise. Repair costs are really crazy.


Another vote for Xiaomi phones… I bought a Redmi four years ago for 150Fr and it is still ticking. I’ve dropped it on the floor and in the snow a few times with no problems. And I use it as a wifi router everyday. Battery life is dropping a bit now though. Very good value for money, although I often say half-jokingly/half-worriedly that there might be a large file on me on some Chinese government server…

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I have an Honor 7X since september 2018, the phone came out in december 2017 and it still holds up pretty well. I’ve got the monthly security patches from google and i’m in android 8.0

I bought it for 257 CHF on Digitec; 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, more than enough for 2019.


Hi there!

My 2 cents:

Have you had a look at the Redmi Notes? For exemple the Redmi Note 7 is great value for money. If you don’t like Xiami’s version of Android they have some models with Android One.

If you want to spend a bit more while being reasonable, look at the OnePlus 6: it’s a great phone and you can find it for 400-450 CHF easily online (I’ve seen it cheap in France quite often). Just don’t buy it in Switzerland, it’s over 500 CHF at Digitec.


I have my Huawei P9 Lite for two years and a half now. I bought it for 327 CHF. I am happy with thephone, but it is starting to become a bit slow and almost all the space is taken by default applications that keep piling up. I hope to keep it at least one more year.