Smartphone! (mustachian....)


I forgot to mention another thing.

I set up “double tab to wake up” on my phone and installed the app “Screen off” so the physical buttons get less wear and tear.

Kinda insane now that I think about it.


I have a OnePlus 3T and I’m really happy with it. It’s kind of sad that they made the new models so expensive, the previous ones were amazing deals.

You might also want to take a look at the Moto G series. They’re pretty good for being on the cheaper side of Android phones.


Interesting. Well, then I’ll wait a month and check more comments. If the comments will be fine, I’m gonna buy the phone.

Or I’ll order it and return in 14 days.

PS. Official website seems to say it’s Android One.


I use a Samsung A3 2016 and I’ve recently updated it with a third party rom (Nougat 7.1.1 based). It’s a solid phone with a good screen and a great battery. I’m getting 2-3 days battery life with wifi, mobile data and sync enabled.

The software hack enabled 4 additional cpu cores which were locked in the original software (Samsung used the same hardware platform for multiple models, but only 4 cores were enabled in the cheap A3) so the phone is now much more responsive. It also appears to be water resistant despite Samsung claiming it is not. A solid purchase for 250 CHF two years ago.


I’m using a dual screen smartphone since years, once the yotaphone 2 (expensive) now the Hisense A2 Pro (~300 chf).
HAving a e-ink screen on the back of the phone is amazing, and I have two devices for the cost of one (ebook reader + smartphone)
The combination android + eink is quite powerful to save money on books as well.


I was looking into those as well (back when the yotaphone came out) but they seemed to have horrendous software support (and replacement part supplies) so I stayed with the most sold devices. I do use an external eReader though if I get myself to read (usually when flying) and it is way better than reading on a screen.

That A2 pro looks quite cool but is very narrow band and has little community support.

Honestly I would get a used mainstream smartphone and a dedicated eReader instead (I recently got a fully working kindle paper-white (2013) for 25CHF, something like that should be more than enough for regular books).

However if those eInc dual-screen phones catch one and somebody builds a decent one i am going to be all over it (like to years later when you can get them used for cheap XD).


LG G6 - last year’s flagship.
Great camera (cameras - one is a wide angle lens, which I find most useful of any dual-camera setup today), ok battery, snappy enough, has Android 8.0 at the moment, not too huge in dimensions.
IP68, microSD slot, headphone jack (yes unfortunately phones today are losing this basic feature).
No notch, no curved screens nonsense.

Under 300€ on Amazon now (more than 50% price drop after bit more than a year).
In CH shops closer to 400CHF.

Cannot beat that price for its qualities with anything today.



believe me once you go dual screen you can’t go back :wink: ebook reader are too large to always have in the pocket. An android smartphone with eink you always have it with you, I’m reading books everywhere I am, and there are several advantages in having a eink android: google maps under massive sunlight, reading internet stuff/forums in the evening without straining your eyes etc, always on notification/music control etc.
I could probably never go back to use a normal smartphone.


As my iPhone just died (water accident) last weekend, I have just completed a search for a new smartphone. I went for Motorola G6 64gb, external additional storage, dual sim. Obviously It is not as good as the high specs phone like IPhone and Google Pixel, etc but it is much cheaper and has a lot of great specs for a small price CHF330 at microspot or digitec. Check reviews on the wirecutter and tech radar.


300CHF used to be a lot for a mobile phone.
Now 300 is considered cheap :frowning:


Hi guys,
I’ve been a Xiaomi user for years, quite happy with all the phones I’ve had. Only drawback was the camera (I have a dedicated one so wasn’t that important for me) but the new ones are getting quite good (even on the Redmi line).

I also recently discovered that the ones sold on Digitec are not much more expensive than from ali/gearbest (maybe +10% or sometimes even lower) while I get next day delivery and some kind of warranty so it’s a no brainer.

Oneplus 6 can be had for 450 EUR so it can also be interesting.

As pointed out, Motorola flagships from last year can usually be had for -50% so that’s also a good idea.


+1 for a used iphone5/6 from ricardo.


@nugget did you decide on anything yet? :smiley:


+1 for LG G6 :wink: good value for money.


I decided to go with Xiaomi. I have one more question though - is it worth to extend guarantee for 5 years for 43 CHF at digitec?


What’s the point when your battery will be dead in 2-3 years anyway. Warranty routinely exclude such things and if you try to replace it yourself you’ll void it as modern phones aren’t designed for that and you’ll be using aftermarket parts

Besides for 43 CHF you can buy yourself a whole second hand phone, not top notch of course but reasonable enough for everyday use and maybe even with replaceable battery. Don’t underestimate how fast these things lose value.


i got the nokia8 from digitech.
i appreciate the android similarity to my old nexus 5x :slight_smile:


I have a quite good experience with XIAOMI (I still use my old mobile but a couple of friends use Xiaomi and I bought I for other family members). I bought it through on gearbest and it worked out perfectly


Thanks for the recommendation. I actually ordered Xiaomi Mi A2 last week and it works very well. It has stock Android (One) and pretty good cameras - two of the features that I wanted most. I bought the most “Mustachian” version for 269 CHF. It’s pretty cool. I hope it will serve few years.


I chose Samsung Galaxy 7, in 2017 September, brand new was ~ 350 CHF only. I decided to go with more premium brand only because camera quality is very important for me. Battery is little let down, but the phone works quite fine so far. (muuuuuuch better than same priced Iphone SE).