Slow Cooker Recommendations

Hi there!

I’m thinking of buying a slow cooker for easier meal preparation and probably freezing them for later - from what I’ve read, it should be quite convenient.

Is anyone using a slow cooker? Do you have recommendations for a specific brand or model here in Switzerland?
Is there a specific recipe book that you can recommend?

Are you looking for something like a Thermomix? In general I try to go for high quality products when it comes to kitchen appliances. E.g Philips or Kenwood products.

I heard about Thermomix but could not make an oppinion about it. I agree, usually I go about high quality items, but I wonder if Thermomix is overhyped. Is it really that much better then the other products? Has anyobdy experience with it?

We have a Thermomix, expensive but it is great. High quality, easy to use, no issues so far. It comes with a function to walk you step-by-step through cooking instructions as well, which is handy. No experience with any other model/brand, so I don’t know if they are much different.

Thanks! It’s good to know at least one person who is happy with the product

Our neighbour also have a Thermomix and they really enjoy it as it is simple to use and don’t take a lot of space in the kitchen. Their step by step recipe on the screen is clearly an advantage and the product had a lot of different recipe. Later in my life I would consider to buy one :slight_smile:

If it is too expensive, you can look at the “Monsieur Cuisine from Lidl”, way cheaper, but maybe lack of quality ?

We have a Thermomix as well. Since having it, we cook a lot more “healthy real food”, as it is so easy and you can not make any mistakes (unless you skip a step or make mistakes in reading …)

Furthermore it is a huge help, if you have to cook and take care of kinds at the same time → The Thermomix stops after each step and keeps the meal “on hold” until you continue

Finally, we got a lot more creative as the browsing for new menus is so simple and a good result is guaranteed. i.e. we started to bake our own bread

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