Singen, Germany

Anyonbe going to Singer for fun and shop? I might go there this weekend and I wonder if someone has suggestions to where to go to shop and to have fun.

Restaurants are also a welcome suggestion. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been thinking of going there tomorrow, too. I find it a rather utilitarian town, to be honest. Neither pretty, fun, nor charming. Not even for German post-WW2 bombing town standards.

Car parts / services, home improvement & furniture stores are outside of the city centre, so you may want to look them up on the map. (MediaMarkt as well - though why would you buy electronics in DE, when you can have most had at the same or lower prices in CH anyway?)

Pretty much any other stores of interest are located in the city centre - in or around the about 5x5 pedestrianised blocks just outside the train station. And the staffed customs office in the train station is handy to get VAT refund stamps as a non-driver / train traveller.

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If you are car-less, isn’t konstanz better? Cheaper to reach and nicer. Some big shops are outside the old city, but the same happens in Singen.

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From Zürich (HB), the train to Singen takes only 53 minutes.
To Konstanz it’s 75 minutes and costs a bit more (unless you have a travel card that covers you to Winterthur or beyond. Also, Kreuzlingen-Konstanz is covered by Generalabonnement, unlike Schaffhausen-Singen).

Do agree that it is much nicer - and that’s not just Lake Constance but also the old town itself.

The prices you say should be wrong.
Especially with GA, since Konstanz is free with it :slight_smile:
It also costs less though. At least when I checked. Let’s see now:

ZH HB - konstanz , from 10am , next saturday: 11.6-13.2chf
ZH HB - Singen = a mess to calculate, but ca. 16chf on ,next saturday
Or 14 EUR on dbahn.

All with Halbtax.

So it costs less to Konstanz, probably because there is also a Flixbus to there?

Must be limited-availability saver fares. Standard fare is CHF 16.50, whereas it’s only CHF 16.00 for Zürich - Singen (or 13.70 EUR = 14.70 CHF on DB).

Anyway, we can probably agree that it’s a negligible difference (unless you have a General-Abonnement). :wink:

I’d rather be interested what made you want to go to Singen or preferring it over Konstanz?

Easy: A car.

I used to go to Konstanz by train. I won’t go there by car since I’ve seen the nightmare in parking there.

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