Simple way to import tickers into TWS watchlist

Hi guys

A technical question, maybe someone can help me here :slight_smile:

I am trying to find a simple way to import around 100 tickers into an empty watchlist with a couple of pre-defined columns on TWS from IB.

I found this guide here:

It is written: "In Excel, create one row, using one cell for each field. Note that the first field designation is the line type: DES, SYM, and CON. "

so for example: SYM, SYMBOL, EXCHANGE

So, is it also possible to import the tickers in simple columns, or does it have to be in comma separated format? Import never worked for me

Does anyone know how to easily integrate the symbols in a comma delimited format without entering each symbol separately? Or convert from columns into comma separated format again:

I would like to use for example:



So far, I have not been able to import any tickers in TWS at all, be it in .txt, .xlsx or .csv.

Any advice is appreciated.

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