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I am 30 years old and i work in an insurance company at financial departement (controlling). I have around 60k on my bank account and i want to begin to invest.

I have a couple of question

  1. what do you think of my strategy ? This is the following, investing trough ib (VT ) with dca (30 k - so 5k each month for the 6 first month and then 1k5 - 2k each month) + third pillar + 5 % portfolio cryptocurrency

  2. do you think there are better strategy ? To begin with real estate ? Or is it better to stick with my strategy ?

  3. i try to put 100 chf on my ib account ? But i have no more access to the market data, i read that there is something like 500 chf minimum is that true ?

  4. if my strategy in point 1) is good, can you recommend between finpension and viac Which entity is the best ?
    If i want a serious broker to trade crypto ? I see swissborg, kucoin, kraken etc… but dont know which one to choose… can you recommend one ?

  5. what about etf tax ? For example VT i will be tax only on dividend right ? And many years later when i withdraw the money on the amount?

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This is a rather small amount, so investing in 1, max 2 global stocks funds is just fine.

For the rest, search is your friend.

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Most if not probably everything has been discussed on previous threads.

  1. If you really want to DCA, I‘d spread it over a longer time frame. Say three or four years. Otherwise, why not invest everything at once, since your cost-averaging plan is so lopsided anyways?

  2. Buy into real estate if you really want and need it. Or if you‘ve got hundreds of thousands to invest. 60‘000 in Switzerland will buy you a decent kennel for your dog - not much more (unless you take out a mortgage, i.e. additional debt. Again, only a good idea if you really want or need real estate)

  3. You don’t need real-time market data from what you wrote.

  4. a) VIAC slightly more trustworthy, finpension slightly better investment opportunities. b) I‘ve used Yuh, Bison and Coinbase for crypto. But then, I’m not really thinking it’s a serious investment. You’re basically looking for the most trustworthy casino to „invest“ for later in life.

  5. Capital gains on stocks or ETFs are usually tax-free for personal investors residing in Switzerland. So no, no tax upon sale of your ETF shares.



Thank you very much for you input, i just bought my first etf. I will continue to read about finance and invest in my self

Best regards

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One more question do you think vt is better than voo?

I saw an interview of Warren buffet and his advice was to buy an etf that replicates sp500

He is American and they have a serious home biais so they buy only US stocks.
Why betting on only 1 country even if they are for now ahead of the other ? That may not be the case forever.
It will make no sense for an European so you could invest in VT to have a broad diversification.


Ok thanks you for your input yes I saw this concept of home bias during my Financial courses.

Will stick to vt also