Side hustle as a driving instructor?

Hi All,

I wonder if this is a possible way of doing a bit of side money?
I really enjoy driving and if I may say so I think I’m a good instructor. I’ve already helped several friends and family with this and was wondering if I could make some money off this. Some of my friends and so already paid me a bunch but you know, just symbolic and out of respect

I have a 100% day job and I don’t have a license to be an instructor.

Can I still offer out my services? Or is it illegal?

I imagine you’d need one because you stamp (ie certify on your responsibility) on provisional licenses that people are sufficiently good to register for the driving exams. I got a motorcycle license last year in CH, my instructor had an app which showed all CH MFKs (and police) that I’d done the mandatory training, before I could register for the exam. I can’t imagine anyone can just go ahead and do that without any kind of license. This shows it’s both costly and long!

In terms of money, I estimated that my motorcycle instructor could be making 8-10k/month, the guy (great teacher by the way) was pretty much fully booked all the time (I know because I could see his calendar when booking a lesson). Lots of work though, he’s working at least 10-12 hours a day (including Saturdays), plus that’s pretty much all on the road, in more or less any type of weather besides snow/torrential rain/hail!

Here: Anforderungsprofil Fahrlehrer:in werden - Ausbildung, Zulassung - L-drive Schweiz (DE/FR/IT only) → “Kantonale Bewilligung zur Berufsausübung” you’re going to find the requirements / permits needed to be an driving instructor.

IMO: No, one can not just offer the services as a drive instructor.

And: Outside of your family, one is allowed to accompany one person per year (Private Lernfahrten leicht gemacht (DE/FR/IT only): “Ausserhalb der Familie darf diese Person maximal eine Fahrlernende oder einen Fahrlernenden pro Jahr begleiten.”

So, I see no legal basis for such services, particularly if it’s commercially motivated…

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Not gonna fly without licence, due to liability. And for the licence you need years of training.

Thanks guys, I guess the " one is allowed to accompany one person per year" settles it. Wonder how many actually follow this lol.

In any case a shame, it wasn’t supposed to replace an instructor but not everyone has family that drives and can actually help someone out.

What about offering your services to individuals who already possess a driving license but seek additional practice? They could benefit from a coach to help overcome any fears or to boost their confidence for example. I would think that an instructor license is not required in that case but I am not sure.