Short selling: Which broker?

Hey everyone,

does anyone know which brokers allow short selling? I’m (mostly) with Swissquote and they don’t provide that opportunity. I am a qualified investor if that matters.

And no worries, I don’t intend to speculate widely :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Just trying to save the put option premium on upcoming share allocations from a long-term incentive plan.


Interactive Brokers…

If you’re talking about your employer shares, note that’s usually it’s a huge no no to do short selling or any kind of derivatives.

Credit Suisse offers short selling, but not naked short selling.

though I always wondered how they would ever find out…

Which is definitely the right way to approach those… Many brokers ask you who your employer is for those exact reasons.

Thanks for the tip with CS. I already have some accounts with them and will look into it. Though without naked short selling the interest to be paid for lending the shares won’t maybe be that much below the put option premium. I also figured IB would allow short selling, but I really have no intention to open an account with them too.

And on the topic of whether this is a good idea: My employers compliance department is fine with it, and my broker indeed knows who I work for. I just have to navigate around all the blackout periods for insider trading (which is another reason besides the saving of a put premium: I don’t like having vested shares that I still can’t sell because of insider knowledge). Also, short selling in general is explicitly allowed on the SIX.

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