Shopping for new glasses (sight)


I am starting a new topic as I couldn’t find an existing regarding the selection of the brand and not the complementary insurance part.

My vision changes recently and I started to look for a shop. I am not looking for a specific brand but more for quality glasses (anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, anti-fog coating …).
At the moment, I have been to Visilab in Geneva to renew frames and sight glasses.
For an important correction (SPH -6 and CYL-2), a thin glass (1,67 index lens for -30%), it will cost me 179chf by lens + the price of the frames.

I was wondering if someone in the community got a better recommandation or deal.

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I was with Visilab a few years ago but I’ve discovered VIU EYEWEAR® Optician & eyewear store in Geneva. It’s a swiss brand with their own design but crafted in Italy. For their glasses they use a swiss company or at least, it was the case when I purchased it.

I’ve been with my glasses for 5 years now and never had any problems. I have all the option you can have with your glasses for 360 CHF :slight_smile: Never had a better price with Visilab, in fact my last glasses cost me 600 CHF with Visilab :sweat_smile:

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I got both my previous glasses from Ace&Tate Prescription glasses online from 150 CHF | Ace & Tate

They are a Dutch brand and I love them! Also they are very reasonably priced :slight_smile:

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I also have glasses from VIU. If you like one of their roughly 3 distinct styles, I would give them a shot. You can either visit a store or let them send you some for free to try on at home.
I think their glasses are of good quality for the price. And the service is excellent, more or less like Fielmann.

You can find the price of the frames on their website. Beware that the price they quote for the complete glasses are with the most basic lenses. I’m not sure, how much I paid for the thin lenses, but it was significantly less than CHF179 each (but I don’t know how their thinness compares to visilab). If I remember correctly they even had a more premium lens, that I didn’t choose.

I also paid CHF30 for the eye test.

Quite the same. When I’ve purchased my glasses to Visilab before the one I have now from VIU, I had to take thinness glasses to visilab because the previous one turn two times yellow (very low quality but it was the first time it happened to me as I’ve never had other issue since my 10 years old with Visilab) ; this issue cost me 300 CHF for each glasses, they offered me one of them… With VIU I have the same quality as the premium one from Visilab for less.

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I bought mine in Germany (Konstanz) from a shop that makes special offers every year for black friday. I paid 50% of the original prices both time I’ve bought them there. I think it was around 150eur for 1.67 with all possible options.

If you have a prescription, you can get really cheap glasses from selectspecs.

Cheapest prescription glasses are only 6 pounds! (not even 10 francs)

Nice site, but once you add photocromatic, the price skyrocket.

I buy my glasses (frame) on wish, ebay or amazon… for 30$ you get 10. Usually, 3 are very good quality and I go with them to Fielmann to get the actual glass.


Fielmann can adapt the glass to your non-Fielman frames? Didn’t know that! Is there an extra price for it, or you pay just the glass?

yes. you pay just the glass. For my -3 without any special stuff around 50chf. I usually take one or two with normal glass and one with sunglass.

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