Shills vs. Reality - due diligence is your responsibility





To be honest you will find this accounting „mistakes“ in every big company. I have not worked for a company where this is not happening.

If that was the only problem:

99% certain this does not reflect reality. Hindenburg have a short position. It is a blatant short seller attack.

Accounting firm Alvrez and Marsal investigated and signed off that there is no material misstatement. They and the auditors (PWC) have their necks on the line.

This said some bad practises are described by A&M. That suggests poor controls and as a shareholder I would not be happy with management. Reality seems somewhere in the middle

Temenos results are due out today

Hindenburg is short seller so yes, they have short position. They also, at the time of their research release have vested interest - from said position and time invested into the research & investigation.

Valid points, but it’s not attack. I am sure you are are one of those people, who said exactly the same about Wirecard at the peak of their fraud.

Seems there is always a great supply of shills, lackeys, stooges, sycophants, propagandists, apologists, shysters and bootlickers.

It’s not like Hindenburg aim at random company and then try to fabricate facts to run it down. The process of choosing their victims is based on assumptions that there is something shady going on, by either direct contact with whistleblowers or studying data/fundamentals.

You can carry on and invest in Temenos, I am on opposite end - making profit by ‘attacking’ them. Since the market is always right, I am on the correct side of the trade.

Can‘t see a benefit in this thread.
Or is the idea to let investors know they should sell their shares so you can make more profit?

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LOL. If they sold their shares, they would also made a profit - that’s what investing is all about. I don’t know many hobbyists investors or traders, do you?

The post is about due diligence, using respected sources not shitty outlets and peddlers like - so that your capital is actually working for you, not against you - enriching malicious and fraudulent organizations.

I agree. The report lays out cultural issues and weaknesses. Management are at fault. But no material error was found

Make sure you do your due diligence then and good luck

I disagree. You say “due diligence is your responsibility”, but this thread is not about due diligence that any of us “amateur investors” would be capable of IMO.

Hindenburg interviewed over 10 ex-employees, exposed “creative” accounting practices by contacting Indian sub-suppliers etc etc. Do you really suggest we do this kind of due diligence before we invest in company XYZ?

Your due diligence is reading Hindenburg’s report (obviously after the stock crashed), and reacting to that? It’s priced today as it was priced the day after Hindenburg published its report (Fr 60). I don’t see how this is a good way to invest for us mainly long position holders? You’re probably shorting, expecting more downside, good luck to you.

And to add, SSON, Smithson’s small & mid cap fund has (maybe had at this point?) a sizeable Temenos holding. I believe if Smithson’s due diligence failed, then it was due to “cheating” at Temenos, and here we investors simply are pretty “helpless”. Wirecard, Enron, these managers must end in jail for scamming us investors.
I see they are still looking for Marsalek, I see his poster-photo under “Wanted” at the border I pass regularly.


Common problem when portfolios are too thinly spread over numbers of instruments. Simply not enough time for any substantial investigation/research. There is a reason why Buffet-Munger kept small portfolios:

“Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes very little sense for those who know what they’re doing.”
― Warren Buffett

I am also amateur investor and yet somehow I am managing to stay away from shit like Wirecard or Trump Media - unless playing puts/shorts.

Ofc. I also made some bad choices in the past. But I learned my lesson. And I like to support my luck rather than undermine it.

You can subscribe to their services, you know?

We cannot catch all the scam, thats going on, but we can read those red flags, that are available and make educated decisions. If you still keep Temenos in your portfolio after reading what is now available online, you are taking unnecessarily risk.