Share your salary progression

Nice progression without job/role change!

We should add everytime in this thread the age and general work sector to have an idea of the context


Looks fancy.

But it’s minus vacations, minus sickness days, minus your own employment costs, minus equipment and professional licenses, potentially minus a reasonable pension scheme… In the end I guess your net take-home pay over the year might still be 50% more, but only showing the gross figures is a bit misleading.

Great progression as freelancer.
I’im IT systeme engineer IT contractor but and I’im interested in change to freelance…
But I know how start… not easy find your own customers

congrats and have fun at the new gig! :rocket:

:clap: congratulations, Cortana!

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you are right. some things you have to calculate. in the end its about money management. you earn more so you can actually also take more vacations if you want. but the income is not for granted so you have to plan better. and sick days are not paid yes thats true. but since im doing freelance im less ill because i dont habe to peovide a certain amount of hours. so my physical and mental health got actually better :smile: and pension plan is depending on what you choose. my pension plan before when i was employeed was also worse so :smile: it can always get better. basically i think in the first year its maybe 50% more than employed. but when you filled up your emergency funds then i guess its going up

Dear community,

I would like to take advantage of this thread to announce that I have successfully passed my bar exam with an overall mark of 5.58/6.

This means that I have finally become a “lawyer” (not entered in a cantonal register, as I’m practising as a jurist at the moment) after 15 years of long studies, 5 of which were spent looking for an internship (which was ultimately the hardest part, as my grades did me a lot of harm in this respect).

Unfortunately for me, no pay rise in my current position, but no doubt new opportunities for the future!


2017 : 72’000 → first job after graduation
2018 : 78’000
2019 : 86’500 → change of company
2020 : 90’000
2021 : 86’900 → reduction to 80% + pick up side job as a teacher (~15/20% but more holiday)
2022 : 90’900
2023 : 89’000 → 90%, dropped teaching side job
2024 : 94’500


So today I got my usual salary and the bonus. 40.8k net. Never received that much in one single month. Feels kind of surreal now that it‘s actually paid out.