Share your salary progression

I remember an study with a bit more granular details and the gap between men and women was smaller.
For example you can have a bucket cleaning where you put together the a basic cleaner and a glass cleaner. Where the salary is higher on a glass cleaner. but they end in the same bucket. being the first majority of women and second majority of men.
Saying that anyway I believe that there is a gap not so on the same role but more on the whole hierarchy

Indeed I confirm, also someone here mentions “Equity” partners and you indeed have two types of partners, the ones with a normal comp and the ones having the shares so called equity ones. The difference between the two is rather big ^^. Becoming one is really hard but staying one is also hard as you need to prove your worth to your peers in terms of revenues and business growth. I know someone whose life goal is to pursue such a career but it comes at the expense of his health / family life.


I guess this is the reason :wink:
Normal partner salaries at the big4 are usually well below CHF 1 Mio. p.a.

And trust me - you really don’t have a life anymore. I guess finding the right balance between work and life is key to it.

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To continue the og thread here’s my yearly gross salary progression:

IT Apprenticeship
2018: 3’963.25
2019: 9’966.80
2020: 12’549.20
2021: 15’040.00
2022: 7’484.45

External IT Technician 40%
Sept 2022 - Dec 2022: 9’179.40

IT Support Specialist 100%
Just started last month in the company I did the apprenticeship, they needed some help since the new team went sideways after I left :joy:

I’m trying to land a job as a Devops Engineer (whaterver that means xD) or Junior Cloud Engineer since the ServiceDesk/HelpDesk jobs cap at 65/70 for the Vaud region if not working for a staffing company as an external.


Little update from my side: the good news is that I’ve found a new job within 2 weeks at 210k CHF total.
So the 2023 projection will probably needed to be adjusted to around 250-270k CHF. I’m also trying to build up a new income stream on the side, which might or might not generate some meaningful income.