Share your salary progression

definitely hahahaha
reaching 20 words

2012 126k
2013 127k
2014 134k
2015 138k
2016 141k
2017 150k
2018 151k
2019 184k
2020 208k
2021 248k
2022 282k (est.)

From Senior Engineer to Team Lead to Middle Management
ZH, obviously in technical field :slight_smile:


great progression. Financial Services or Big Tech?

neither (assuming that with Big Tech you mean the usual suspects) - it´s data carrier / Telco related


How were you able to make the jump to management?

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I had some technical lead function for a couple of years and I was usually the stand-in for my manager when he was on vacation or unavailable. So when he left the company, they asked me if I wanted to take over.

So it was clearly a mix of luck and doing a good job, I guess.


I currently work as a designer in the construction industry.

My poor income (brutto):

2013-14: 13’200 CHF intern
2018: 43’000 CHF for 70% pensum as a consultant
2019: 63’000 CHF
2020: 68’000 CHF
2021: 68’000 CHF
2022: 73’000 CHF


My progression
2019: CHF 92,000 (first year working, 8 months)
2020: CHF 155’000
2021: Target CHF 211’000
I’m now thinking of leaving my current job for a big comp cut (down to 130, but something much more exciting and fulfilling).

If the raises continue like that I’d rather do it 5 more years and save as much as possible.

Good point, but being 25 and feeling burned out of my work, with anxiety on top of it, is not great. I feel 130 is already an excellent salary in Switzerland and although it’s almost half of my target for this year, I prefer to get an experience with more learning and growth opportunities as well as something I will enjoy more.

Status update, I did quit my job in March 2021, my comp went down to 130K (100K salary). Got ~promoted, now leading teams and salary increased to 140K by this year (40% increase), stock options for first year are now valued at ~400K (after new round of investment, startup stock options, so I would take them as extremely high risk and don’t count on them). Very happy with my work, growing significantly and was the right decision for me :slight_smile:


How the hell do you earn 248k in IT? Who pays that and why? :smiley:
I mean I was reading your blog but can’t find exact answers there. Is it the area of security that is so highly paid right now?

It was at an internet giant company… Every independent consultant in IT in Switzerland should make around 250k or you’re selling yourself too cheaply.

Are you talking 250k gross (I mean the amount charged to the customer)? If yes, you can’t compare it with 250k as an employee :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean you can’t but you can… Even with all the stuff you need to pay, that’s going to be a lot more than a 150K salary equivalent - which is more than most people can ever dream of.

And you can contribute more into your pillar 3a, which is the main benefit of being self employed imho.

I guess it depends on the assignment. Daily rates have significantly decreased in the last years at least in my area (might be different for different sectors). First of all it’s getting very difficult as a single independent consultant because most companies only want to work with “preferred suppliers” which are usually some bigger companies, so you either have to work for them or subcontract which is also often a no-go for companies.

In the 2000s you could charge easily around 1100-1600 CHF per day with your own company, today you have the troubles that most larger corps don’t want to work anymore with you as a one man show because you’re not in their “preferred suppliers” list, and secondly, the market is now full of cheap IT folks from the European Union where people work for daily rates around 500-700 CHF and you can be happy if you get 900 CHF per day. It’s getting increasingly difficult.

Unless you’re in a highly specialised area where there are only very few experts even on a global scale. Other than that being self-employed becomes less and less attractive IMO. I mean for those cheap rates I’d rather find permanent employment somewhere. With the above rates you still have to account for double AHV, social, 2nd pillar, etc. contributions, holidays, education/training, etc.


He’s talking about 250k, not 150k :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s only possible if you go for sole proprietorship, not if you have your own LLC. Then you are a normal employee and can only contribute the 6.8k for 3a

Unfortunately this is true. A lot of large companies prefer to deal with a few preferred suppliers rather than dealing with small companies directly.

It really depends. Yes, you will find cheaper people from EU or Eastern Europe, but usually the language is a problem. Plus: the customer gets what he pays for. If customers decide to go cheap - fine with me. I have the luxury of not having to work for those rates.

That’s also true, but I still think it’s great to be self-employed. Fortunately I’m in a niche with high demand.

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2019 - ~ CHF 120K (UK salary)
2020 - CHF 215K (first year in CH)
2021 - CHF 258K
2022 - on track for a repeat of 21, maybe a bit more with RSUs.

Work in big Pharma - Corporate Affairs/Corporate Comms/Risk background.


Last year I charged a bit more than 300k to the client for a 250k brutto salary as employee of my company. Also important is how much you put in the 2nd pillar and how this is ventilated between employer and company part.

That’s why I mentioned that 250k gross salary means you charge more to the client - you can’t directly compare with 250k gross salary of a traditional employee who doesn’t care about the other costs (50% of AHV/ALV/EO, insurances, P2, costs for equipment and/or offices etc).

You also need to take into account that you will maybe have some time with no contract