Sending prescribed medicine (ritalin) by mail, including the local prescription and ID

Dear all,

In Belgium, where I am from, I have a long lasting psychiatrical relationship, where i was diagnosed with ADHD, being prescribed ritalin, that I take on a per need basis.

Here in Switzerland, its very hard to be recognized and I am running out of stock and the rest is in Belgium right now. I’ve wanted to ask if you know if it will be legal to ask my family to send it by post to switzerland, where in the box, i would have the prescribed medicine and the doctor prescription on my name and a copy of my ID?

Do you think i will have problems in the customs? Any one faced similar position?

Thank you so much in advance, your help is invaluable

Have you already been to a doctor in Switzerland with all your documents? I would expect that you don’t need a new diagnosis, but that a general doctor with your medical history and all the documents can prescribe the medication for you (but I don’t know enough about it). If you don’t have a doctor, there are walk-in surgeries at larger railway stations such as Winterthur or Zurich.

Otherwise: I hope someone here can answer your specific question. However, I would assume that prescription drugs will be detained by customs (if discovered).

You can also go to a pharmacy with all your documents. Depending on the category, they may also dispense prescription drugs. That would be the first thing I would try, as a quick enquiry at a pharmacy usually costs nothing.

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