Selling VWRL as VWRD as vice versa

Hello everybody,

I’m new to investing. When I looked at the ETF recommended by this site “VWRL” I found out that it is listed under this ticker in CHF (SIX), EUR (AMS), and GBP (LSE).

Since the ETF is distributing its dividends in USD I was looking into buying the same ETF in USD to save on some exchange rate costs on the small sums I will get from the dividends in the beginning, and the fact that time in the market beats timing the market, means I will have to buy quartertly.

According to this sheet on vanguard, it is listed in USD on LSE under the ticker “VWRD”. But a quick try on IB showed that I cannot sell VWRL positions on LSE in USD.

Does that mean that IB treats the same ETF by ISIN differently by ticker symbol?

Looking forward to your inputs.

Hi ado,

there are different tickers traded on different exchanges and different currencies for the same base instrument. afaik you can’t exchange between them directly.

What I do is to buy vwrl (chf, swiss exchange) for my base investments and vwrd (usd, london exchange) for divident payments and other stuff I have in USD.

From a risk/investment point it doesn’t really matter if I have 5 VWRD and 20 VWRL or if I would have 25 VWRL.

Hi tarioch,

thanks for your reply!

That seems like a good option. The only problem I could see is that VWRD can only be sold in USD again, and only on a single exchange, but it reduces the problem of needing to buy many small amounts of EUR/CHF/GBP at high cost in order to reinvest.

Hi Tarioch

I am also new to investing and maybe you could help me please.

If I invested CHF 1’000 this year in the ETF “Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF Distributing” on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, for my tax return, should I declare the CHF 1’000 invested as part of my assets? What would I be taxed on? Dividends?

Thank you in advance for your help


You will be able to choose vwrl from the list of stocks in your tax software. You will have to specify the dates of transaction s (buy/sell). Dividends should then show up automatically.

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Just buy accumulating VWRA, with dividends automatically reinvested within the fund.
Problem solved.