Securing your mobile / laptop?

How you guys are securing your digital assets to not have the unfortunate event it gets stolen / virus and you will lose access to IB or another broker and lose all investments?

Now…my ebanking, IB, Revolut, Viac…and all others are on my mobile and I am using an antivirus ( to secure my laptop and mobile, encrypt important files on drive and if necessary to remotely wipe the devices, if it gets stolen. When connecting from unsecured network from my mobile, I am using always a secured VPN and add extra locking to the banking apps, but it can always be risks when using devices today. But I have to trust the antivirus company as well…

What about you guys? How do you protect your digital devices?


I suggest you to use a dual boot pc and put Linux on the second partition. From there you do all your banking stuff, when possible (hello @VIAC ).
Store your digital document on a Veracrypt’s file/partition.

If you don’t want to dual boot you can still put linux on a usb stick and boot from it.

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Long random passwords stored in an encrypted KeePass file that gets synced to my onedrive.

On my smartphone I just have the 2FA apps, which I don’t especially protect because the 2FA are already the protection. Most are fingerprint protected, that’s enough.

Antiviruses are snakeoil and a blatant scam. Just don’t install every trash app and don’t click random links/ads. For windows the preinstalled Windows Defender is enough.


for passwords im using a password manager, not keepass, but one that syncs to the cloud. i would be happy to switch to an open-source cloud solution, but so far I only found this one, and they don’t yet have all the features and it’s all in the hands of one guy…


I use my old Samsung S4 with the current LineageOS and I only have the 2FA / banking apps there, nothing else.

I was inspired by @hedgehog when he described this setup here:

Guys, check out this site if you’re looking for software/providers that protect your privacy.

They actually recommend Bitwarden as password manager. OS: Qubes or Debian. Browser: Tor or Firefox.

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