Sector tilt / investment

I feel world ETFs place too much focus on Technological values, so I’d like to diversify a bit. I’ve started looking at specialized ETFs for particular industries, but so far I haven’t seen any that are available to trade at IBKR. Perhaps I just suck at using their search feature :slight_smile:
Anyway, do any of you invest in such assets? Are there any you recommend? And are they available at IBKR?


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You can buy at IB everything that is sold on US and European stocks exchanges. Do you mean you haven’t been able to find sector ETFs?


Found it! I was using the wrong symbol (ticker) to search at IBKR.

Still interested in impressions/recommendations around this topic.

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For a start, style (growth/value) and factor investment comes with a sector tilt. Growth is lots of IT, Value is lots of banks. Quality is often Consumer Staples. ESG is less energy and utilities. So maybe you are actually interested in style/factor tilt?

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2.5 percentage points compared to the vanilla MSCI World. The MSCI Quality’s tilt towards towards IT and healthcare is actually much higher - so not what @glance_arrow wants.

Hi Both,

Thanks for your answers. Quality is interesting, and it was nice learning about it.
That said, I am really more into reducing involvement in particular sectors. I feel that a lot of what tech companies do are fads/gadgets which will not play well in the more difficult economy of the years to come.

Then you should consider Value tilt. Sounds like you are ripe for it :rofl:. Might be easier than adding specific sectors.

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