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Hi all
I have basically only few ETF, VTI+VXUS in taxabale and a bunch of ETF in VIAC.

I wanted to know my true exposure to various currencies, countries, and how much overlap was there on certain stocks.

I tried Portfolio Analysts from Interactive Broker after being spammed from them in the newsletter. It actually does what I want, but of course it doesn’t have in his database the ETF from Credit Suisse used by VIAC.

I’ve started using proxy, which is an imperfect solution (ie using iShares SMI instead of CS Switzerland Large Equity) but is a bit of a pain, you need to calculate how much money you have in VIAC in that ETF (and you need to manually switch tab in the VIA website, since there is no aggregated data of all your ETF) then divide by the share price of your proxy ETF to come up with some fractional share number to use to get the same money in the iShares ETF.

On top of that certain ETF work very well, in other the price is not retrieved automatically (like for SDPR World Small Cap ETF) and the Fund Parser, which is actually the really cool thing, doesn’t work.

On one side Portfolio Analyst really does all that I want, even give you a “long” situation (ie country of residence of ETF distribution) and a “parsed long” view where the tool scan through each underlying currency and exposure and give you the real global distribution (VTI goes from 100%US to 94% US, 6% rest of the world).
You can see how much money is in your top 50 stocks etc of all your ETF combined.

Is there any alternative? The limitation are too big, right now I can’t find a way to track world small cap stocks that make up for a certain amount in VIAC.


Direct link:

Thanks for the reply, but that doesn’t do what I want. It stops at the etf level. If I have Nestle in VXUS, and in SMI, i want a tool that tells me how much Nestle I have in total.

I want the ETF to be automatically decomposed in the underlying stocks (even only top 20 stocks would be cool) to better understand exposure.

Portfolio Analyst ( actually Fund Parser, which is an utility of portfolio Analyst) does that, but I can’t seem to find all etf I want and was hoping that maybe there is an alternative somewhere ?

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Excel (or equivalent). You list the top 10 investments of each ETF, note the % share in one column and your $ in the next, use the SUMIF or VLOOKUP functions to sum the accumulations.


While I appreciate the tentative help, again I’m trying to search for a solution that’s automate th spreadsheet work :grin:

Additionally is really not practical. Top 10 is not enough, you need at least top20-30 to capture enough of the etf. Additionally i have 8 different etf, which means manually scan through 8 reports and write down 160 percentage…and this regularly in order to capture variations

I want that level of precision but not that badly :grinning:

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There is your idea for an app. :slight_smile:
Now just find a willing developer or two and make it rain.

I was looking for something exactly like with possibility to automate the process as it this kind of things change with time. If at least there would be a free API available where one could extract information of an ETF or fund then it is a matter of putting things together by a developer as @dbu says.

I made a spreadsheet for that, but just for country, sector and currency exposure.

So did I.

The largest part of work was actually getting all the data.

The aforementioned PortfolioPerformance could be used for that, too: create a dummy portfolio, “buy” all the constituents of the indices, then let the tool to the evaluation and visualization. But if it’s just that, any spreadsheet will do.

I’ve done like you the same for country and currency.

But after trying out Portfolio Analysts from IB, well is such a cool tool, with very nice chart and reporting, is just a pity only a couple of VIAC ETF cannot be replicated.

I can live without these charts and granularity of information. Just after seeing in action, it is really cool and was simply wondering if there was some more robust alternative for a swiss audience.

The idea to replicate the index with Portfolio Performance is a neat one, but there is a caveat: these ETF are “Accumulating”, while the fake replica portfolio would be distributing. So you would have to continously reinvest the dividend in order to match the accumulating ETF. So in the end a lot of upkeep work.

If you have IBKR, just login into your account, scroll down and search for the PortfolioAnalysts link on the bottom of the page and try it out. Add an offline brokerage account linked to a SMI or SPImid ETF, and you get to see how all your ETF blend together decomposed in the constituent. Is a neat feature.

I just got some free time. let me know what we could build here : )

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