Schwab UK : experiences

Was curious to know from anyone that would be willing to share her or his experience with investing via Charles Schwab UK in a “Schwab International Account”. It looks like a decent option if I got that right:

  • no custody/account fee?
  • 5$ per trade plus apparently an “Exchange Process Fee”, but I think IB might have that too

PS: Assuming that you’re transferring USD there to avoid their hefty 1% FX fee (and ignoring some other fees like 25$ cash wire out fee, or the 50$ account closure fee)
PPS: And it’s 25’000$ minimum balance

Anyone would be so kind to share experiences with Schwab UK/International Account?

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The issue I see with Schwab: It’s really expensive to transfer USD directly from a bank in Switzerland. You will need to go trough IB.
You also have a minimum of 25k.

yes, that would be the plan.

yes, it comes only after the stash is at a certain size and probably after the IB portion is over 100k.

Is it possible to transfer money from IB to a generic IBAN (not your own account)?

I don’t think so. Does Schwab not give you a personal IBAN :scream: ?

I don’t think so:

IB is doing the same and doesn’t give personal IBAN

true. then i dont think the IB trick would work :sob:

actually it seems to work fine :tada:

There is a form to request a transfer to an account that is not yours. But you have to state a good reason for that, and they have to manually approve it. It’s because of money laundering reasons I guess.

Schwab UK accounts aren’t available in Switzerland. You’ll get an account with Schwab USA.

0% commission now, same as a few others

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