Saving time and space with new work shirts

Hi all,

I think the “minimalism” section of this blog deserves more attention so I will start with something that saves me considerable amount of time, stress, and space in my day-to-day life.

I threw away all my shirts and bought 5 no-iron white shirts. I wash them on Sunday nights and they are ready to be worn on Monday morning. I take them straight from the drying rack. No hassle.

In brief this process:

  • Frees my mind because I do not have to think of the shirt I will wear
  • Saves space because I significantly reduced the number of shirts I own
  • Saves time because I do not need to iron the shirts anymore
  • Saves time because I can I wash them all without having to separate whites and colors

Do not hesitate to share your minimalist techniques.

Best regards,



What if you have several colored shirt? You don’t have to separate them in white/colors.

Why not buy 10 shirts? You’ll save more time.

ahah good timing, my 5 blue shirts are arriving next week!

Hi @mmm where did you buy them if you don’t mind me asking. My wife and I do a very similar approach. However, my shirts are not as Iron Free as I’d like them to be…

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I bought one “non iron” traveller shirt to try. It does not really look nice without ironing. It does not feel nice when wearing it, but it was more expensive. I don’t know, maybe I bought the wrong one. I feel much more comfortable with stretch shirts, but they’re usually hard to iron.

Basically, if you have 10 shirts to iron every two weeks, you can give it to your putzfrau. She should be able to do it in one hour. That means spending 50-60 CHF per month on ironing, 3 CHF per shirt.

I have pretty much the same approach,
4 pairs of pants
10 shirts that I wash bi-weekly
I always go left to right in the wardrobe so I get a mix of colours and patterns
2 ties (light and dark) only when needed for business

@Bojack @miriade It may sound extreme but Charles Tyrwhitt shirts changed my work life. The shirts are cheap, high quality (I mean I threw away my Hugo Boss shirts…) and I can wear them straight out of the drying rack. I only have good things to say about this brand.

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