Salt gouged me with roaming costs for *not* answering a call. Looking to switch. Recommendations?

I was happy with the 29.- Das Abo from the post office through salt. For 29 I was getting no contract, 10GB in CH, unlimited calls and texts from CH to almost anywhere in the world, and no roaming. I only use 1-3 GB/month typically, but I do make calls and SMS to numbers abroad form CH.

Over the holidays, I traveled abroad and missed two calls that were sent to voicemail. This cost me 5.56 CHF (each calls was charged once for receiving a call, and once more as if I placed a call to my voicemail.) I didn’t even answer the calls because I knew how outrageous the call charges were while abroad.

Salt told me this was perfectly normal, and you get charged because technically, the call goes from CH to the country you are in, back to CH to your voicemail. This is so outrageous that it’s not even funny. Never ever did I experience this with any other carrier the world over: missed calls are, of course, never charged. But not with Salt.

The only solution, I was told, is to disable my voicemail every time I go abroad (very convenient) or pay 20.- extra per month for a plan that includes roaming. Neither are acceptable solutions.

Anyway, I’m looking to drop Salt since they won’t refund these charges. What are you using, and what do you recommend?

I don’t use voicemail, so it’s not a problem for me, but I guess it’s not a solution for everybody.

Here’s how to activate/deactivate:

You can temporarily disable your voicemail – for example, if you travel and want to avoid roaming costs – by tapping ##002# or ##004# on your smartphone keyboard, then press the call button.

Note that callers won’t be able to leave messages during this time but you will get notifications by SMS to show who or which number has called you.

To reactivate it tap **004*086x # from your smartphone keyboard, then press call button (x is your mobile number. For example, if your number is 078 123 45 67, tap: **004*0860781234567# ).


Sunrise does the same unless you deactivate voicemail before going abroad. (you have to remember to do it)

Same with Yallo (and probably almost every other provider).
You need to disable the option yourself, and at least they are explicit about it in the Settings.

Every provider in Switzerland is like that.

Your reaction is totally irrational.

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How much do you use your phone abroad for calls?

Digitec connect is 25 chf/month and has 3gb included, 1 gb can be used abroad. Each additional gb in Switzerland will be 6 chf and 15 chf abroad. After 7gb it is unlimited. There is also a program for friends and family that gives you free additional data.

Maybe you didn’t. It has certainly been heard of in other countries.

i got infuriated by the same topic.
It is known issue and you are not the only one:

however i dont know anything but deactivating voice mail.

lol, you’re bitching about some 10fr? how much is your time worth that you spent demanding refund and then writing this? are you working for free or what?

Cell operators are scummy everywhere, it’s the biz. Learn (that you need to deactive voicemail) and move on.


Exactly that. Even writing this post wasn’t worth 10 CHF, let alone the hassle of changing providers.


No-one forces you to waste your valuable time reading this thread or commenting in it.

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Yes, I’d love to get 5 min I wasted on your thread back please

I had no idea. Funny thing is Swisscom offered a plan today that for 30.- gives unlimited internet, swiss calls, and roaming. In CH, it costs 20.- extra per month to call abroad as an addon for this plan. But without in the plan and without any extra you can call to anywhere abroad from abroad (not only to the country you’re roaming in)… So basically the plan is better abroad than at home. This shows how much BS this whole thing is, it’s only to fleece users :frowning:

Go play outside and enjoy your week-end, you’ll forget it all ever happened by tomorrow.

Let’s try to communicate without being offensive.

Personally I never in my life used voicemail, it feels weird being recorded. But since many people already said that this problem is not limited to Salt, then it seems pointless to switch. Yeah, its annoying and its nice to nag about it to someone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: