Room for rent - ZUG kanton

I’m not sure if this category is correct, pls feel free to move the topic elsewhere if needed :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a furnished room to rent in Zug kanton. I’m not in a rush, I can stay at my current place as long as I want, but I’d like to move to some other place in the future.

I’d be grateful for any info you might have. Perhaps someone here is renting a big apartment/house and is interested in subletting a spare room? My requirements are quite mustachian, I’ve been living in a shared accommodation for a big chunk of my life so I think I know how to behave :slight_smile: I’d only like to share an apartment/house with English speaking people.

Thanks in advance and feel free to ask me anything.
The offer is valid starting from today until I find something, so even half a year :slight_smile: