Rocky's introduction

Dear all,

I follow this website and the forum for a while now and became more and more interested in investing and especially the FI part of FIRE.

I’m 27 working 80 % and doing a part-time master’s degree in business information technology. I just recently finished my bachelor part-time degree in accounting and therefore couldn’t accumulate to much yet.

I have currently saving rate of around 30 % which will be higher as soon as the master’s degree is in the books.

For investment purposes I didn’t do anything up until this year. Therefore, I recently switched my 3a to VIAC. Currently I have around 20’000 CHF which I could invest and thereafter around 800CHF per month + VIAC. My Goal is to invest in ETF (VT) but I’m still trying to figure out where and how. My initial plan was to go with Degiro but they have a waiting list so now I’m considering IB. Would it be a good idea to start now or accumulate more money first? (120 USD on ~ 25kCHF would be quite costly…)


As far as i know you can’t buy us based etf (VT) on degiro bc it is forbidden for eu investors and Degiro applies same rules for ch and eu investors.

Yes you are right. It was my plan to buy VWRL ETF on Degiro as it is free off comision and then later on change to IB.