Roaming on some mobile abos

Did anyone notice the mess with roaming on the newest mobile phone contracts?
For example on yallo:

Yallo Fat: 60 minutes to Europe, 200Mb/Month in Europe
UPC: Flex Europe: Unlimited minutes in CH and Europe 2Gb CH and Europe.

For Yallo, 60 minutes to europe, means that you can call your friends/relatives from CH to Europe, but once you are there, any call you make will cost you (a lot?)

For UPC you get unlimited minutes in Europe, which means you can call your friends/relatives once you are there, but you have to pay if you call them from CH!

It seems that Yallo (Fat) is just for expats that stay here, while UPC is for tourists, but you shouldn’t call your hotel before being there :slight_smile:

From upc’s site:
Flex Europe:
[…] Unlimited calls and texts within Switzerland. Unlimited calls within the EU country being visited plus outgoing to Switzerland and incoming in the EU country being visited. Unlimited texts from the EU country being visited to all Swiss networks. Calls from Switzerland to EU countries and outgoing calls between EU countries are not included.

Check out (25 CHF/monthly)

They (Swisscom) offer:

  • 1GB Data Switzerland & Europe
  • Unlimited calls and sms in Switzerland
  • No setup fee (40 CHF).

And if you use this code: 1YEARFLAT – you will get 1 year data flat in switzerland + 1Gb data every month for europe.

I’m really happy with them.

Well it doesn’t have any call/sms abroad at all.
It’s not at the same level of the 2 offers I’ve shown so you shouldn’t compare them.

I compared it with Wingo (more data per month than yallo (200mb) or upc (2gb)) – because today you can use skype, whatsapp call and many more to be in contact with your friends :slight_smile:

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The problem with Wingo is also that it won’t last that way. After a year you’ll pay more if you don’t switch.
Anyway all of them don’t offer a decent call roaming plan.

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Watsapp, telegram, skype, discord … so many options, all you need is internet.

With 200mb you can do a lot of voip, which is the same as calling these days anyway.

Thanks for believing I’m dumb. :slight_smile:
I know the alternatives, I know what I currently do. I just wanted to point out the flaws of some plans.

Note that you can’t call your hotel through skype or phone your granma with whatsapp… There are still use cases where you need to use the good old phone.

Did you just assume my believes XD

I totally agree the plans are sub-optimal but roaming as it is today is still a scam, event though the EU helped a lot in this regard.

Or just avoid calling people altogether like I do cause that’s the healthy thing to do XD.

To be honest I never had to call anywhere while abroad other than those 1-2 minutes answers to calls while in Italy/Germany for half a day. So if I have to pick a plan, I’d take one with data abroad (of course…) and 20min roaming with Switzerland per month. If it costs too much I’d simply stop answering calls for a day.

On longer holidays I suggest to buy SIM cards of the host country, especially where you might have to use Grab/Uber or dynamic map services (for simple maps I use OsmAnd)

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Why not?
You can call fixed and mobile lines (including your grandma, wherever she lives) without any fuss with some Skype credits.


Yes actually with skype you can. comes to my mind as well.

I quit buying local SIMs after having discovered travel SIMs. I personally use DrimSim* because they ofer per-Mb billing (handy when visiting a country for just a day or two), but there are other companies, e.g., a Swiss company called Koko.

(*) Feel free to use my referral link (both of us will get €7).

Easy to use but not that cheap…

I disagree. In most countries I pay €0.01 per Mb. Buying a local SIM is usually at least €20 which would break even only if requiring lots of traffic, which I almost never need.

When I travel, I take my MiFi router with me and buy a local prepaid sim card already at the airport. This way we can use this internet for both people. For example in UAE and a few other places, you can get something like 4 GB internet for 40 CHF, so around 10 CHF per GB.

This DrimSim that you linked costs 300 EUR per GB in UAE, and 4000 EUR per GB in Seychelles. What good is a one-sim solution if it’s price is not at least acceptable for all countries?

I usually check this site first:

Then I might google the main competitor on the country I plan to visit.

I have 0 experience in Europe though.

Hi, I just want to point out that there are a lot of good (or let’s say “decent”, since mobile abos are terrible in CH) deals for mobile abos out there, you just need to have a little bit of patience and check constantly.

Last 4 years I paid 19 CHF/month with salt for 1gb internet (unlimited speed) and CH calls and sms unlimited, now I upgraded with yallo because I found their FAT abo (unlimited internet with unlimited speed, unlimited CH calls and sms + some roaming and data in europe) for 23 CHF instead of 59, FOREVER (it was a 60% off offer for black friday). They frequently run the same offer with 50% off.

In my opinion stay away of swisscom because it’s very expensive (for that you get better coverage and service), and their cheapest abos are bullshit because they say they give you “unlimited data” but cap your speed and it’s so slow it’s unberable. At least this was the case a couple of years ago when I checked, then I just stopped checking them because they are a rip-off in my opinion.

and here is the mistake… see?

Some roaming and data in europe. Wrong. Fat is only “some data in europe”:

  • 100min TO Europe
  • Roaming: 1Gb Data/Month.

This is what I’m talking about. Not if it’s a good offer. Not if it’s fair. I’m saying it’s confusing.

Oh yeah, you’re right.
I just shared my experience about abos and pricing because it might be useful to someone here :wink:

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If you have family and/or an address in France, it might be worth looking at Sosh. I bought their 24.99 plan which includes 50 GB + unlimited everything (phone calls, SMS) in all Europe including Switzerland. I think they still offer 12 months at 9.99 before charging the full price, and if 50 GB is too much they also have 20 GB for 19.99.
I’m sure similar options exist in other neighbour countries, the only drawback of this method is that you don’t get a Swiss number, might be an issue sometimes but a cheap Swiss prepaid solves it easily.