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Hi, has anyone heard of or signed up with the real estate education programme organized by Asset Academy (ex-Legacy Education Alliance)?

They usually give a free seminar in Geneva and Zurich under they banner of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This free seminar hooks you by explaining how you can use other people’s money to buy real estate to flip or as rental properties and generate passive income and be financially independent.

Then they ask you to buy a package worth CHF800 where they explain how you can do it.

Sounds completely scammy but has anyone tried it out?

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Yes it does. This has many smells of the contrepreneur and according to some online reviews, the next step is to ask you for 30k.


It may be worth reading a bit about Robert Kiyosaki, the writer of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book. I’m not a specialist but he seems to be making money out of selling his formula rather than by using it (on top of presenting a fictive story as a real one until he could no more do it).

Not saying he has anything to do with the Asset Academy but they seem to be using his inspiration as a marketing tool so… exponential trial to get rich by selling a getting rich schemes?

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I do not know about this particula education programm. But I know about some real estate education courses in the UK, where they show you how easy it is to buy/flip houses. Those courses are usually cheap and the trainer there hook you up with some craftsmans or other RE services (he/she might get a kickback from). For the trainer/coach it is a side hustle to make extra money next to flip houses. But maybe this course you reffering is about something different.

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Yes it does seem that way. I do believe that Robert Kiyosaki gets a commission for using his name as endorsement for the real estate programmes. This is a like a pyramid scheme.

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This programme is similar to what you describe i.e. flip houses for capital gain or passive income through rental properties. Seems it is easier to do this in the UK rather than in Switzerland. But I understand that @_MP is having great success in France.

The trainers are super polished sales people.

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HI @hfng,

Yes, I went to it few years ago and it’s a scam


I completely agree with you after attending one myself.

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