Revolut Virtual Card and Samsung/Google/Apple pay

I wanted to try the Revolut Virtual Card and thought to also test Samsung or Google Pay solutions.
Has anyone tried to load a Revolut Virtual Card on one of those systems?

Are Revolut Virtual Cards free and expire only when you use them? Can I put it on GPay and use it in a month?

Maybe I’m too careful, but better safe than sorry. I might use Samsung’s solution just to avoid giving everything to a single company

When I tried, I failed. It seems that only physical cards can be added to apple pay…

I did see a post on reddit about someone that was able to add it on Google or Samsung but I can’t find it anymore. It seems like it wasn’t possible but now it is.
Maybe not on Apple pay?

Virtual Visa card works on
Google Pay & Apple Pay

Not on
Samsung Pay

Just tested.

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Yes I have, with Google Pay. I have both my virtual and my physical Revolut cards in there and work flawlessly, both for online payments through Google Pay and for NFC payments at physical locations.

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+1 I have several revolut cards added to Google Pay (1 Maestro, 1 Visa and 1 MasterCard).

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