Revolut top-up & Coop Supercard Visa/MC

Hi Mustachian Community,

This is my first post here, I’m glad I found this forum since it’s packed with practical information. :+1:

As per this article, MP explained that the Revolut credit card could be topped-up using a Migros Cumulus MasterCard without additional processing fees.

Being more ‘Coop’ than ‘Migros’ I would like to use the Coop Supercard VISA/MasterCard to the same purpose instead of the Cumulus. Does anyone know if any processing fees apply in this case?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help & cheers.

Your question is answered in this forum:

Although a lot has changed around supercard in the last months

Hi and thanks for your answer.

Yes I can see that Supercard has gone through lots of changes lately. I think it’s still a good option for a Coop customer like me.

The post mentions ‘no fees for Swiss cards’ in general, I therefore assume Supercard is subject to the same conditions.

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