Revolut: How to use it for free in Switzerland?

Hi everyone,

I changed my Revolut account to be based in Switzerland (it was originally set up in Portugal) and I was hoping that I could transfer some CHF in Revolut to a bank account in Switzerland.

I tested it with UBS and was unfortunately charged 12 CHF (by Revolut partner bank).
When I tried to make this transfer to Neon or CSX I get the warning message that I can be charged by partner banks. Is there a way to transfer CHF from Revolut to any swiss bank for free?

Thank you in advance!

Yes I do it for free to my UBS account.
Not sure why you got charged.

Which IBAN did you use ?

You’ll probably be charged if using the international IBAN.

Sending your money using the local CH IBAN (Revolut works with Credit Suisse) should be free from your Swiss bank account.

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I understood him/her to transfer in the other directon: From his Revolut account to a Swiss bank account.

I transfer from Revolut to my UBS account and it trigger a 12 CHF from a intermediary routing bank.
I was just wondering if you guys were able to do it in this direction.

Thank you!

Did you use the CHF Revolut account ?
Did you use local or Swift transfer ?
I think there would lie the reason which triggered the fees.

You have to send from Revolut CHF account (not EUR) using the IBAN number.

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iiuc if you put a BIC or SWIFT address for the destination account it will be executed as SEPA transfer which will have those intermediary bank charges. If you only use the IBAN from the CHF account it should be for free. I’ve never seen a charge when sending from Revolut to my Bank account.

I am just using the regular IBAN from my Swiss bank account (no BIC/SWIFT entered).
I tried to reach out to chat but they have a 30 min waiting period.

I think I will just convert it to Eur and send it to my account back in Portugal.
Thank you for the help