Revolut for family budget?

Does anyone use Revolut for family budget? Like having a joint account (or multiple credit cards) and deposit every month some CHF in there and set some budgets per category. I have seen you can set budgets per category and have multiple cards, but I could not see yet if your partner can have a card to same account.

I am quite interested to see if Revolut can be used for this, because it has quite nice analytics, tracking and budgeting. I am starting to use it for myself, but would be quite cool if my partner can have access to same account, so we can track all payments and limit our budget when needed.

It’s against Revolut T&C to let somebody else use the card, and for the moment they don’t offer shared accounts - so it’s not ideal for now…

Sad…it would have been a nice feature…

Hello @arheom, yesterday a friend send me this new -no fees- swiss account similar to Revolut. - I havent investigated much yet, but could it be interesting.

@disaga87 simply press the magnifying glass on the top left side of the forum and write “neon”. You will finds some posts about it.

Sometimes I feel hedgehog-y :slight_smile:


Late to the game, but Cler Zak offers this feature called Gemeinsame Töpfe.

Does anyone have any experience with using the split-bill feature for doing this with Revolut? :slight_smile:

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