Revolut card does not work with Amazon Germany or Booking

Hi Mustachians,
Lately I am having big issues with card payments through Revolut to Amazon .de or Booking .com.

If the amount is over 250 euro, Revolut now requires a security mechanism called 3Ds.
Apparently, and do not implement this, which means every payment above 250 euro is declined.

I rely on Revolut as my non-CHF credit card, but this makes it absolutely unreliable.
Does anyone else have the same issue?


I recently purchased something on for > EUR300, no issues. I had to confirm in the Revolut App, I guess that was 3Ds?

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I guess so, the problem is that Amazon does not ask me for any verification. I don’t get a notification on Revolut.
I wonder if it depends on the merchant, but I thought all payments are processed by Amazon


Maybe you can try to create a new virtual credit card for Amazon and add it?

Tried this, I created both a single use and a multi use virtual card, and no luck.
It’s really weird, but good to know that it’s working for you. It gives me hope that they’ll eventually sort it out…

Did you try with Neon (they do currency conversion) or YUH (transfer EUR from Revolut) cards?

I ended up using Neon, with a slightly worse exchange rate.
But I’d really like to solve the issue. Given your answer, the problem should be with both Amazon and Booking

My answer doesn’t mean anything, I didn’t do large purchases on Amazon recently. On booking I pay with Swisscard Amex.

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Can confirm that Amazon does not require 2-factor authentication for my EU-issued card - although by EU law they‘re supposed to (I suppose they‘re taking the fraud risk themselves as well).

Have you tried deleting your card details from Amazon‘s account? EDIT: since you tried virtual cards, that probably wouldn’t help either.

Yeah exactly, I think they don’t do it. I tried removing all cards but no luck.
So with your card it works without the verification?

You can remove your cards but at each new transaction they will mémorise it.
You could generate a single use card for your e-shopping on Revolut.

Yes - though I haven’t made larger purchases lately.

I can confirm. I just wanted to but from Amazon for a large order above 500 Euro and the same thing happened. I also tried to do a single use virtual card with no success. I contacted both Revolut and Amazon support.
Revolut customer support definitely says that this issue is completely Amazons fault. I have tried everything to get the Revolut support person to help. He was super willing, but couldn’t do anything. He chatted with me for quite a while.
Amazon support is as expected useless. They keep telling me to talk to my bank, instead of realizing it’s their problem, plus sending completely silly messages of how I can use another card.

So I have found a workaround that did work for me, but is super annoying. I was able to buy Amazon gift cards from Amazon itself via the " Aufladen" feature. I bought 5 cards with 200 Euro value with my Revolut card. That worked surprisingly without any issues.
I then had to get a customer person to pay my orders with the gift voucher balance. That took FOREVER., I had to speak to roughly 5 different people. So what one should probably do is buy the vouchers first and then pay with those.

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I was recently able to open N26 account, could be an option to use their virtual cards if you are paying in EUR. Bank Transfer of EUR from Revolut to N26 was always instant.

Had the same issue yesterday with Easyjet, when tried to pay >300 EUR.